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Fit My Way - Weight Loss Planner

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Fit My Way - Weight Loss Planner

Mostafa Magdy

Health & Fitness, Sports

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Unable to find a weight loss plan that ideally suits you? Don't want to follow any diets? then this app is for you!

Fit My Way is based on real studies that will help you set up a realistic weight loss plan for yourself.
Enter your current and target weights, the start and end dates, and the amount of work you want to spend on a large variety of exercises. The application will show you how much daily work you need to do for the different exercises based on your chosen preferences.
You can log your exercises using the built-in timer or the manual time editor, and the application will re-adjust itself based on what you entered.

Example: assuming you need 30 minutes of jogging and 15 minutes of sit-ups every day to lose a certain amount of weight, and you log 80 minutes of jogging into your history, the application will adjust to something like 28 minutes of jogging and 12 minutes of sit-ups required every day for the remaining number of days, since you already lost a (very) small amount of weight. Similarly, if you skip one or more days of exercises (by not logging anything), the application will adjust the amount of work needed in the upcoming days to help you compensate.

Important notes:
- This application requires no changes in your diet.
- The aim of this application is to help you create a calorie deficit for your EXISTING lifestyle, based on the preferences you customize. In order to see results, you need to keep your diet and schedule consistent. That means if you already go to the gym twice a week, you will need to follow the exercises listed by the application IN ADDITION to going to the gym twice a week. That also means that you need to keep your calorie intake (approximately) consistent.
- The data used in this application is based on metabolism studies done in Stanford University.

Most of the icons used in the application are designed by Freepik from Flaticon.

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