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Frustrated over the response time from the banks to get back to you on their rates and packages?

[email protected] offers you the solution to compare the interest rates and monthly installment at your fingertips. Ranging from Personal Loan, Overdraft, Motor Vehicle Loan, Housing Loan, Renovation Loan, Education Loan, LoanCompare is committed to provide you with the updated rates from more than 10 banks in real time.

1. Choose the type of loan you want to compare
2. Input the loan details
3. Interest rates and monthly installment from different
banks will be shown.
4. Choose the banks and leave your email if you got any

Why LoanCompare:
1. Updated interest rates packages from the banks
2. User-friendly interface
3. Fast response time
4. Able to share interest rates package with friends

For any feedback, please email to [email protected]

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