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You Are Haunted: SpectreCam

Version 1.0.2

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 1 / 5

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You Are Haunted: SpectreCam

Jarrett Creative Group, Inc.

Entertainment, Photo & Video

GBP 1.99

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Do you believe in ghosts? You should. Ghosts are around us everywhere, all the time. The SpectreCam offers demonstrable proof that ghosts are real. This app lets you take photos, search them for paranormal manifestations, and share your evidence with the world.

We are Spiritus Liber: an underground society driven to uncover and deliver long-suppressed paranormal technologies to the public. Spiritus Liber has entrusted Jarrett Creative, creators of the daring and popular paranormal shows Celebrity Ghost Stories and The Haunting Of, to be our public voice in delivering the true story behind the hidden history of spirit photography to the masses.

After a journey spanning 130 years, the first of these reclaimed technologies--the SpectreCam--is about to be integrated into your mobile device. Be did not find the SpectreCam by accident or by chance. It found you.

Use the SpectreCam. Continue to take photos. The more you use the SpectreCam, the more spirits you’ll attract. Post your photos to social media sites, share them via e-mail and text message. Help Spiritus Liber expose this historical cover-up and reveal what the powers-that-be know to be true...that you are haunted.

Release notes

This version updates the SpectreCam's paranormal entity detection methods for an improved user experience.

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