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OnPitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor

Version 1.1.10

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4 / 5

Votes 18

OnPitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor

Alena Kucharenka

Music, Education

GBP 2.99

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"OnPitch is a new way for singers to track their pitch, with a stylish and informative interface" -

Are you one of those lucky people who never have to worry about hitting the right notes? If not, OnPitch is an app for you!

OnPitch shows you the notes you're singing, in real time.

Practicing with OnPitch helps you improve your pitch and gain confidence in your singing, so that when the time comes you're ready to merge with the music and forget about the technical details.

• No need to record anything, just open the app and sing
• See at a glance if you're on pitch, sharp or flat, and by how much
• Examine notes in a musical phrase and see how well you stayed on pitch
• Examine vibrato and pitch drifts

• Notes covered: C0 - B8
• Displays note names, cents, and exact pitch frequency in Hz

• Works on your iPhone and iPad
• Supports Portrait and Landscape device orientations


◆ What OnPitch is NOT:

• Not a pitch pipe app
• Does not play reference pitches
• Not a karaoke app
• Does not include sample songs or exercises

◆ Permissions requested by the app:

OnPitch app requests access to the built-in microphone in order to be able to detect pitch and display the notes you sing. If the permission is not granted, pitch detection won't work. Microphone access can always be enabled/disabled again in your device's Settings/Privacy/Microphone.

Release notes

Rolled back audio engine update, since it was causing problems for a small number of users.

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