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Socialize with other people, by challenging them in a new unique way. Play three truths and one lie with your opponent, the one who loses should make a video challenge. The challenge will be chosen randomly. How far can it go? You can post the video on your wall, so everyone can see it, or keep it private and send it via private message. Chat with other people, like and share their videos among friends. By fulfilling the challenge or gaining popularity, you earn Puppus of popularity.
Join our community and start sharing your videos with friends, become popular and who knows if you will become a star soon.

-Post your video challenges on the wall and share it to other social networks
- Send private messages and private challenge videos, if you want only your opponent to see the video.
- Meet and Chat with fun, interesting and attractive people.
- Use the radar to find people nearby.
- Play with friends and people you do not know.
- Watch the challenge of other people.

Stop thinking! Start challenging! Betting the game just went insane!

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