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IBSDietMatch- IBS diet, FODMAP

Version 1.2

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IBSDietMatch- IBS diet, FODMAP

Informdiets Ltd

Health & Fitness

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Clear & Simple explanations about:
-Which diet is best for which symptom?
-Is low-FODMAP right for you?
-Making low-FODMAP more do-able!
-Foods grouped by meal type and snacks, so user friendly (not hopeless alphabetical lists!)
-What foods you can eat/should avoid and can substitute
-Both Meal ideas and recipes
-IBS symptoms explained
-What tests you need
-Constantly updated knowledge-base on other ways to treat IBS, including complementary medicine
-No ads, No in-App sales.

- Expert FODMAP diets and IBS explained in full by a specialist Dietitian and Gastroenterologist. All the advice and information that you would get from a private consultation.
- If you have IBS, this is your complete IBS diet and IBS foods treatment plan matched to your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. All the most effective IBS diets whether low FODMAP, gluten free or high/low fiber. All the right IBS treatment information explaining what IBS means- its causes, what tests are required and how it is best treated whether through diet, medication or complementary therapy.
- Enter your symptoms to get an expert IBS diet plan matched for bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Begin with the Starter diet to ensure no simple own goals and then move on to the next diet if necessary. Use the Diet Checker to get extra guidance along the way.
- While following your IBS diet, low FODMAP etc., we will teach you about how the gut works and why foods have their impact. We go through each symptom (bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, pain etc.) and teach you about them, their investigation and management.
- An internet connection is required for use.

Release notes

Updated content and more intuitive flow

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