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Practical Driving Test UK

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Practical Driving Test UK

Lets Get Legal NZ Limited


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Planning to get your UK Full driver’s licence? 

This app has everything you need to help you prepare for—and pass—the Practical driving test in the United Kingdom.

The app includes:
• Study guide for what to do and not to do while driving.
• 20+ Practical driving tests scenarios.
• 19 Show me, tell me questions.
• Other helpful tips.

Take the practice test anytime, anywhere —as often as you need.

How it works:
The Practical driving test UK includes a guide that you must study before doing the practical test. Once you have the knowledge you will be able to sit the different practical test scenario's which a supervisor (full licence driver for 3+ years) will be able to test you on. The supervisor will ask you to perform driving tasks which you will need to perform while your supervisor observes your actions. If you do all the required tasks for an action the supervisor will mark that you performed the action needed. These scenarios were created to help you get a feel for what your practical drivers licence test will be like. Results are accessible at end of tests to show you where improvements need to be made if any. 

How to pass your test:
Taking the practice tests can help prepare you for the real Licence test in United kingdom, but to pass, you need to also study and understand the material in the Must Study Guide before attempting any of the tests. 

About us:
We are in the business of helping people get Legal while driving on United kingdom roads. We know a lot of people are driving with licences that are non-existent or only on learner licence so we are helping people take a positive step towards getting legal on our roads which can improve many other areas in their lives. 

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