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Innotel AB

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SmartCaller is an app that makes your iPhone a natural part of the PBX. It simplifies mobile extensions, and lowers international call costs by 40-95%.

* Mobile Extension
SmartCaller enables users to manage their voice presence and handle their mobile extension. The user has a simple user interface instead of complicated and hard-to-remember combinations.

* International Call Optimization
Placing international calls directly from a mobile phone can be very expensive. With call optimization, international calls are automatically and effortlessly redirected to InnoTel, without the user even noticing it and thereby reducing costs by 40-95%.

* Roaming Call Optimization
Voice calls from abroad, i.e. roaming, costs businesses and consumers all over billions ever year. In most cases the charges are much lower to receive calls rather than making them. This is why we also make sure that outgoing calls become incoming calls, reducing the cost by an average of 50%.

* Choose your number
Users can easily choose which number to show to others when calling them from their mobile phone. InnoTel's unique One Number-solution enables users to show either their mobile number, office extension number, office switchboard number or even withhold the number. It is also possible to show own international numbers, which can also be provided by InnoTel's service International Number.

Everything is handled by the app automatically and you do not need to make any changes in your PBX or change mobile subscription.

Release notes

Bug fix.

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