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B-Line Transportation Analytics Inc

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B-Line helps organizations to collect mobility data to achieve green building certifications, improve user's health, and generate data to enhance biking and transit infrastructure, helping citizens to get to work faster.

By communicating the relationship that our transportation choices have upon our lifestyles, community wellbeing, and the built environment at-large; B-Line supports the design and development of more active, sustainable, and connected communities.

How do I get a survey code? B-Line is only accessible to people selected to participate and requires a survey code to log in. Once you have a survey code simply follow the instructions, answer the survey questions, and then B-Line begins to recording your commuting patterns for the duration of the campaign.

How is a user’s privacy protected? At B-Line, we take your privacy very seriously and we are committed to GDPR-compliance. That’s why your answers within the B-Line app always stay 100% anonymous. This means that environmental reviewers, urban planners, or transit organizations never see your name, photo, email, personal information, or anything else that could personally identify you. For more information on how data is stored and protected please review our full privacy policy on our website.

To prevent users from having to report on every trip they make, B-Line continues to log a user’s commuting patterns even when the app is not open. Consequently, users often will see a decrease in the battery life of their mobile device, which varies on the age, battery health, and use of a user’s phone.

Release notes

Improved tracking and battery consumption.

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