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Be Inspired .

Kok Leong Tan

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Thousands of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes waiting to inspire you.

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The Developer Kok Leong Tan also wrote the apps listed below, click the icon to visit the pages.

Animal Similes Free
Animal Similes Free

What does it mean to describe someone to be "As Slippery As An Eel" ? This App is going to help your child falls in love with the English Language as he learns useful similes to add color to his English vocabulary.

We are thrilled by the popularity and were encouraged when parents feedback to us on how their children were now able to understand and apply similes to their conversation and writing.

These are some of the feedback we had since received from parents

"My son had initially found it tough to remember the similes that were taught in school, but thanks to your app, it is now a piece of cake to him. " ~Karen

"There should be more such app like yours that will not just have pure fun but can actually see learning taking place in the child. Using similes in their composition certainly makes the story comes alive" ~ Patricia

"I am so surprised that my 4 year old son can even use 'as hungry as a bear' when he comes home from school" ~ June

"I didn't know the simple new games you put in are so useful and addictive. My son and I had hours of fun and laughter." ~ Susan

The New Animal Similes now comes with:

1) 105 examples & explanations of popular Animal Similes.
2) New Animations and interactive quiz to deepen understanding
3) Match n Learn game for both One-Player and Two Player mode
4) Hit n Learn mini game in both One-Player and Two Player mode

At the Interactive Studio, we believe that a child learns and assimilates the most when he enjoys the process and is motivated. Animal Similes is designed to help your child learns useful similes in a fun and innovative way...
English Quest - First Grade
English Quest - First Grade

English Quest - First Grade is a "Ten Year Series" English Quiz collection of high quality english questions crafted for the first graders. It differs from the traditional collection of Ten Year Series questions as it is infused with learning pedagogy to engage the learner and accelerate his assimilation. English Quest is designed by educators to allow the young learner to be motivated in learning and enjoys the learning journey.

There are a total of 500 high quality English questions that are distributed randomly over 15 different Safari animals. The main aim of the app is to encourage the learner to attempt each set of the quiz so that he can collect each of the 15 safari animals in order to populate his very own 3D Safari Zoo. The adult or teacher can adjust the level of difficulties such as the quiz duration/passing score to cater to the varying needs of the learner. The safari animals serve as a source of motivation and end goals to encourage the young learner to keep on practicing the quizzes.

In addition, the quiz format has also been given an extreme make-over. There are 3 different themes that the quiz is based on. The themes are the "Deadly Sharks", "Monster Crocs" and the "Giant Piranhas". The different themes, interactivity and animation of the quizzes aim to provide a fun and engaging learning environment for the young learner to enjoy the learning process.

In the end, beside having the ability to review the correct and wrong attempts by the learner, the adult/teacher can simply look into the 3D Safari to see the number of animals collected. We are confident that your child will certainly enjoy the theme-based quizzes and on his way to improving his command of the English language...
Don't Forget To Pray - DFTP Reminder
Don't Forget To Pray - DFTP Reminder

Are you unwell, in trouble or facing trials and tribulations?

Are you praying earnestly for healing, family’s salvation or breakthrough in life ?

This app is here to help you.

The word of God says “ Without Faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6) ”and “ Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17) ”.

Use this app to set timely reminder of prayer items for yourself to mediate on God’s word for they are “health to your body, and strength to your bones (Proverbs 3:8). And if you can follow the earthly doctor’s instruction of taking medicines timely, why not also take the spiritual medicine prescribed by the Divine Doctor who even know the number of strands of hair that we had!

You can also share your prayer items with your friends with a simple tap of the button and the reminder alarm will get registered into your friend’s app. Simply tap on the “Share Link” button and the prayer reminder will get copied automatically. All you need to do is to paste into your whatsapp/wechat/Line chat to synchronize everybody’s prayer alarm. For the bible says “When 2 or 3 are gathered in my Name, I will be in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20) ”. Imagine synchronizing your whole family and setting aside a few minutes to pray for a lost soul within the family. What can be more precious and important than to see the whole of your family/relatives come to receive Jesus Christ.

For sharing to a wider group, you can visit to create prayer alarm QR code which you can download and print onto leaflet/poster so that everybody gets the prayer alarm when they scan the QR code with the app.

This app also comes with 6 offline complete Bible version in King James English, New Simplify English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Korean. You can share your prayer item in English and your Korean friend will receive in his selected language.

There is also a “Encouragement” feature for you to easily copy and paste Bible verse into your WhatsApp/WeChat/Line.

We have also included popular and powerful verses on areas on Healing, Strength, Peace, Hope, Overcoming Fear for you to meditate and memorize.

So, start using DFTP and allow God’s word to help all of us lead a more victorious Christian life by empowering us to bring more people into the wonderful Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

And btw, DFTP stands for Don’t Forget To Pray…..for ourselves, our precious families, our dear friends and our beloved Nation.

NB: If you would like an addition of a particular language, please write to [email protected]
Be Inspired .
Be Inspired .

Thousands of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes waiting to inspire you.

Set these quotes as daily, weekly reminders to motivate and inspire

Share your inspirational quotes and pictures with friends and see your life make a difference!...