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Discover the money-saving opportunities around you right now. Easily explore your local area from the comfort of your phone and find deals that are always relevant, always available and always ready for you, right now. Say goodbye to not knowing what's on, where to go or what to do. Never worry again about missing out on all the promotions from the cafe down the street, the discounts at your favourite bar, or the deals at local restaurants. Be the first to know and always be up to date with what's going on around you; benefit from the best money-saving opportunities that your area has to offer. Everything is easily reserved and paid for through the app.

- Use a location-based map interface to find money-saving opportunities around you in real time.
- Reserve the offer from within the app.
- The venue will receive your reservation and will be expecting you. Turn up and enjoy!
- Easily pay through the app when you're done.
- If you want to review or share we make it super simple. As a reviewer, ​we give you a professional webpage which will host your review and make it easy for others to find and share.
- There are 2 types of bookings, Live Reservations and Vouchers.
- Live Reservations are instant bookings where you reserve your offer of choice and turn up in the allotted time.
- Vouchers are bought immediately and can be redeemed at the times valid for that offer. Simply display the in-app voucher on entry at the venue.

Don't rely on luck for spotting deals and offers, have them all at your fingertips. Find places you like at prices you'll love!

Release notes

Bug fixes.

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