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Random Number Suite

Version 10

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3 / 5

Votes 2

Random Number Suite

Wayne Perry

Entertainment, Utilities

GBP 0.00

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This is the best random number suite ( Random Number Generator - RNG ) you can get so why not give it a go, the app generates random numbers using different modes. Depending on the mode you can select numbers from 1-99999.

There are 4 different modes, 'Spin The Wheel', 'Lottery', 'Keno and Bingo' and a set of 'Random Numbers'

Spin The Wheel allows you select how many segments you want from 2 to 8, you then just swipe your finger to spin the wheel. Each segment has a number and a colour.

Bingo and Keno, allows you to select the number of balls you want to use from 49-99. It also displays a chart showing you which balls have already been drawn.

Lottery, allows you to select the number of balls you want to use from 49-99. You press the button to draw a ball from the globe, it displays the drawn ball as well as the last 6 balls. It also tells you how often the ball has been drawn before.

So it's a great app for 'Lottery Number Generation'

Random Number, allows you to choose how many random numbers to display from 1-25 and what numbers to choose between from 1-99999.

You can reset and mode at any time just by pressing the exit button and start the all over again.

Who doesn't want a free app for bingo calling with the family or nights out, or a free app to draw a set of numbers for your Lottery numbers.

Do you need to pick lottery numbers or just a set of random numbers then this is the app for you.

Will scale to fit any size screen, it will work across all phones and tablets.

Release notes

- Mediation Modification
- API Updates
- UI Tweaks from user feedback

Random Number Suite screenshot oneRandom Number Suite screenshot twoRandom Number Suite screenshot threeRandom Number Suite screenshot four