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nomado intl

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nomado intl

Olivier Vermeersch

Business, Travel

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nomado intl requires a Nomado Telecom account. It allows
to make cheap calls and to manage your professional telephone system like a virtual phone central, from your iPhone.

What if you want to receive your customer’s calls directly on your iPhone when they are calling your office number?

Then this app is for you..

Nomado Telecom, the first European VoIP provider is offering nomado intl App to you.

When calling one of your contact with nomado intl, you will get first a call from your Nomado Telecom account, pick up wait couple of second and you will be connected to your contact.

Manage your home or business phone numbers with this great App, it will also help you to make great savings while travelling abroad or just to make international calls. nomado intl will decrease 70% of your bills.

If you believe that the roaming in Europe is free after June 15th, 2017, watch out the small prints...
With nomado intl you will really feel the difference.

Release notes

nomado intl is the new name for nNumber
New logo, new name but still same great features

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