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Leverage - Accomplish More

Version 1.1.0

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Leverage - Accomplish More

Less Doists, LLC.

Productivity, Utilities

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No matter who you are, you’re limited to 24 hours in the day.

What’s different about the trailblazers, the game-changers, the paradigm-shifters — they’re high-efficiency people. The kind of people who accomplish more in a day than most accomplish in a week. These are the type of people in our client community - but equally, on our team.

You can use Leverage to organize everything you need to get done for life and business, plus outsource tasks with a touch of a button. Powered by our highly-skilled virtual assistants and strategic partnerships, we manage your tasks and get things done on-time with efficiency and accuracy.

Release notes

We added the ability to attach audio and video comments directly to your task.

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