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Car Hire Mauritius

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Car Hire Mauritius

Indian Ocean Travel Ltd.


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This app is made for customers of Car Hire Mauritius who already completed a booking on our website Its purpose is to assist customers during the delivery and return of their vehicle. It allows customers to share their own location and see the location of their delivery driver. It also provides a chat window to talk directly to the delivery driver. This greatly reduces friction in communication, avoids expensive roaming calls, and is especially useful for deliveries that happen outside our office hours (which observe the Central European time zone!). See how the app can help you in the following situations:

Hotel delivery: For the convenience of our customers, we deliver to every hotel in Mauritius. This however is a great logistical challenge because it typically means that two employees and two vehicles have to drive to the hotel to deliver one vehicle and use the other vehicle to drive onward. Especially when multiple customers choose the same delivery/recovery time (the morning hours are very popular), this means it's just not possible that every customer has their delivery exactly at their desired time. This sometimes leads to a frustrating experience because customers have no indication how much longer they have to wait and might even fear that their booking has been forgotten about. Without a local phone and a hotel reception that often has conflicting interests (i.e. their own car rental desk) many customers feel helpless. We also had cases where our drivers were denied access to the hotel premises and had no choice but to leave without being able to make contact with the customer. Our app solves a lot of these problems: While we still can't practically be 100 % punctual during peak times, it takes out a lot of the guesswork; customers simply log into the app with their booking reference and connect to their hotel's WiFi. They are not bound to wait at the hotel reception but can instead wait wherever they have a WiFi (or mobile data) signal. On a map, they can see their own location and their driver's current location which gives them a good idea about when their car will arrive. Upon arrival of the driver on the hotel premises, they will also receive a push notification. If any questions arise, they can chat directly to their driver. Also, of course, the driver can contact them e.g. if there is an issue at the hotel entrance.

Airport delivery: Some of our airport bookings are "counter in terminal" pick-ups, but many of our bookings are also of the "meet and greet" variety where one of our staff waits for you with a sign showing your name. The "meet and greet" is sometimes described as inferior to "counter in terminal" because for some people it's easier just to follow the signs and wait in line at the counter. Meet and greet usually mean less waiting, but when multiple customers arrive at the same time it can also create a situation where the customer is unable to find the person supposed to be holding the sign with their name. It's usually just a matter of minutes before he/she returns, but customers often feel helpless in such situations. They might think they have been forgotten or maybe even defrauded. Our app gives them a quick way to calm their minds because they will probably discover that their driver is just a few meters away on the parking lot showing another customer to their vehicle. In the rare case of an actual delay, they can follow their driver on the map and get a good idea about how long it will take him/her to arrive. Mauritius airport has a free WiFi with excellent reception all over the terminal.

Release notes

Customers may now submit change requests via the app.

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