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DrinKup bottle - Stay Hydrated

Version 1.2.20

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DrinKup bottle - Stay Hydrated


Health & Fitness

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Start building the better hydration habits you need to optimize your health. Customized to each individual body type, DrinKup will send you reminders of when you should be hydrating. It will provide valuable insight to help you make better decisions of your hydration needs. You can even stay connected with your loved ones who own DrinKup as well, by sending friendly reminders. DrinKup is here to help you build a healthier lifestyle while making drinking water more fun, so let’s DrinKup together.

Customized Hydration needs
Catered to your personal height and weight, DrinKup will calculate your daily water needs. DrinKup will also send automatic reminders throughout your day to keep you hydrated. If you have Apple Watch or Fitbit even better, based on your physical activities DrinKup can sync with your wearables and adjust the required hydration levels to optimize your hydration needs.

Be in Control of Hydration
Now you can be more aware and in control of your hydration. Daily DrinKup will provide information of your current hydration status, continuous hydration ratio, & total water intake to help you better understand your needs and how you can improve your hydration condition.

Analyze your Hydration History
The hydration log is a great way to keep track of your water drinking routines. From here you will be able to make smarter decisions to improve & optimize your hydration habits.

Remind your Friends to DrinKup
Send your friends, family members, & loved ones’ reminders to stay hydrated when their hydration is low. Who says you can’t make drinking water more fun?

Setup Sub-accounts for your Children
For children who do not have a smart phone, no problem. Easily setup sub accounts to check and view your children’s smart bottle as well.
Making sure they well hydrated and help them build the right hydration habits they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Integrated for Healthy Living
Connect with Apple Health App and share your hydration status now. DrinKup will suggest the right water intake needs according to your real-time physical activities. Apple Health App will know you even better after you have shared your hydration status.

Release notes

System optimization.

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