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i Can Spell with Phonics CVC+

Version 1.0.2

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i Can Spell with Phonics CVC+

Michael Harvey


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Made in Australia !!!
Easy to use – Top quality recorded speech – Educationally sound – It gets results!
Breaks words into "phonic chunks" and sounds them out.
Words are taught in meaningful sentence context with vibrant photos.
It's like training wheels for spelling success!

"i Can Spell with Phonics CVC+" includes 67 commonly used (sight) words with a short vowel sound. The full version of "i Can Spell with Phonics" includes an additional 83 words (total 150) including long vowel sounds and common digraphs. The two apps are otherwise very similar, with one different reward game.


Choose one of seven word lists:
Short Vowel Sounds: a, e, i, o, u, CVC words, or CVCC/CCVC (four letter) words.

Each 10-word-lesson is made up of three activities, followed by a reward game.

Activity 1: Tap on the "phonic chunks" to build and sound-out each spelling word.

Activity 2: Name the pictures: Drag the vowels, beginning letters, rimes or digraphs to complete the words. (This may be completed strategically, or by trial and error.)

Activity 3: More "phonic chunks", but this time the spelling words are in proper whole language context, with engaging sentences and vibrant photographs.

Reward Game: Choose between "Match the Pairs", "Word Search", "Fish Food" and "Dinosaur Run".


"i Can Spell with Phonics CVC+" provides explicit phonics instruction. The whole word and phonics are presented at the same time, so the app will fit either a "synthetic phonics" or "balanced literacy" approach.

Spelling is taught through immersion and repeated exposure both visually to the correct spelling, as well as hearing and actively sounding out the words. Phonics is taught explicitly, and the words are also placed in meaningful sentence context.

Our apps are designed to be educationally sound, easy to use, and fun to play, while also taking into consideration the needs of struggling literacy learners.

"i Can Spell with Phonics CVC+" includes 67 sight words with a short vowel sound.
As well as CVC words, VC, CVCC and CCVC are also included.
Digraphs: CK, SH and LL are also introduced.

WORDS INCLUDED: am, an, at, in, is, it, on, up, us, if, and, bad, bed, big, bus, but, can, cat, cut, did, dog, fun, get, got, had, has, him, his, hot, let, man, not, pet, pig, ran, red, run, sat, sit, six, sun, ten, top, yes, back, bell, best, duck, fell, fish, from, hand, help, jump, just, land, left, lift, lost, must, pick, rock, ship, step, stop, went, wish

VOICE OPTIONS: Australian, American and British English

We use a traditional pronunciation of "w" and "y" ("wuh" and "yuh"), which if you don't like you can simply avoid the words: yes, went and wish!

No ads – No in-app purchases – No worries!
All links and app settings are placed behind a parental gate.

TEACHERS: If you find the reward arcade games too distracting for your classroom, these may be turned off (in "Settings"), enabling students to play word games only.

Please visit our developer website (link found at the bottom of this page) to view videos, get the app guide, and free worksheets.


Whether you are buying this app for your four year old who has already mastered the sounds of the alphabet, or for your eight year old who still struggles to read, the iCanSpell apps will provide them with intensive phonics practice which is easy, fun and effective.

Release notes

Fixed the text wrapping issue with iOS 11
Improved speech
Added functionality to tap or drag phonemes to solve picture-word-puzzles

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