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Dragon Keepers - Clicker Game

Version 1.0.24

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Dragon Keepers - Clicker Game

Adventure Cat, LLC

Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Role-Playing

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The fairies of Dracon Forest need your help! The DRAGONS have gone missing, and they need your help to get them back. Tap your way to collect mana and become the ultimate Dragon Keeper! This is a pet dragon clicker game.

Dragons need mana to survive. As the Dragon Keeper, it's your job to feed your dragons mana! Tap on the screen to collect mana. Once you collect enough mana, you can summon dragons that collect more mana for you. Level up your dragons to unlock more upgrades and increase your productivity! Expand your territory and unlock new areas to allow you to summon new dragons. And once you've established your horde of dragons, you can go on a quest! Battle evil monsters to collect magical Dragon Eggs and other rare artifacts!

Clicker game features include:

* Tap on screen to generate mana.
* Summon dragons with your mana.
* Generate mana even when you're offline / idle.
* Purchase area improvements and other incremental upgrades.
* Explore new areas to unlock more unique dragon breeds.
* Migrate your dragons (soft reset) to earn medals and buy artifacts!

Tap your way to become the ultimate Dragon Keeper! Summon hundreds of dragons, collect hundreds of artifacts, and grow your dragon horde in this dragon-themed idle / incremental / clicker game.

Release notes

-Updated the bonus multipliers of some Arcane Upgrades.
-Fixed minor bugs with video ad rewards.
-Rebalanced the quest reward drop rates.

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