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Raccoon Raiders

Version 1.3

Content Rating 9+

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Raccoon Raiders

Cloudspyre, LLC

Games, Adventure, Action, Entertainment

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Lead a band of renegade raccoons as they battle for scarce resources across a barren galaxy. You can play as one of three characters each with their own style.

You get missions from the mission computer on your ship. As you level up more missions become available to you, with more on the way. You'll want to collect resources that you can use to help you advance in the game.

The collectable resources include:
- Minerals - Used by the Engineer to create striker and rocket ammo.
- Water - Used to fly almost instantly to the next mission.
- Plants - Used to trade with the Star Trader to get upgrades.
- Gems - Can be traded using the store for any of the above resources.

The current missions include:

- First Loot - A tutorial to teach you how to play.
- Space Salvage - An easy mission that allows you to collect water and minerals and get used to the game.
- Freighter - A set of ships that are guarded by the Authority. This is the easiest mission that allows for the collection of plant material.
- Space Marines - This is where the game really begins. You need to go into this one armed with rockets and strikers. Use these scarcely since you'll definitely need to save ammo for the space captain at the end. There's more loot on these harder missions.
- Star Trader - Fly to the Star Trader to cash out plant material for upgrades.
- Hanger Deck - Destroy the Marines' fighters while they rest in their hangers.

If you find a mission too challenging, play easier missions to get plant material to trade for upgrades.

We'll be working on more missions, so keep checking back!

Let us know what you think. If there's something that's too expensive, too easy, or just plain old "could be better" please reach out. We'd love to hear from the raider community!

Release notes

Added a new mission - Hanger Deck when you reach level 5!

Some of the new features in this mission are:
- New hanger gates (ok, that's just eye candy)
- Hanger Jets for you to blow up to get some good upgrade plant material

The Destroyer missions are coming next. Stay Tuned!

If you had problems figuring out what to do, there's new tutorial detail.

There's also a few minor bug fixes we don't like to talk about :(

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