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Chaperhome Limited

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Chaperhome is changing the world of personal security. Take back control of your safety with the new Live! Feature. The new interactive map allows all to participate to help make our world a safer place.

Chaperhome connects you with friends’ and family’s smartphones and has features to help you feel safer getting home day or night. Whether you want to make sure a family member, teenager, school kids or loved one gets to a location on time, are heading home alone, want some security in numbers with friends, or just for that extra protection and peace of mind, Chaperhome has it all:

Live! - The new interactive map to allow users to spot and report live information to help keep all users safer when out and about.

Companion - With timely taps, you can keep friends and family reassured that you are safe on your journey. Send a timed reminder for a future update.

Destination - Travelling from one location to another or a future arrival. Parents, friends (Protectors) are automatically updated for a complete or incomplete journey.

Groups - A simple button alert to your nearby friends for assistance. There is an option to send a range of messages to a chosen set of friends on a night out.

Updates - Have all your live updates from companion, destination and police news all in one easy to use location from friends and family.

Be a Protector - Allow users to send their location, estimated time of arrival and status to ensure a safer journey. As a protector you will be automatically alerted and then can monitor and act upon information from the user if something goes wrong.

Late at night, after parties or big events, walking, taking a taxi or public transport or kids coming home on the school bus - Chaperhome is the digital chaperone providing options to help you get home safely.

Chaperhome has 3 simple features to support all different lifestyles.

1. Companion - Don’t be alone walking home:
We all get worried walking or travelling home or when alone in a taxi late at night. Select your own 'protectors' from your phone contacts who can be there when you need them. Walk home and provide timely taps to make sure you are safe.

If something was to happen and you want to send an alarm, simply stop using the timely taps and Chaperhome automatically sends your protectors an alarm message along with your location for instant assistance.

Need a timed reminder instead? No problem - activate a timed companion message that reminds your protectors at a specified time. Just to make sure that you are OK.

2. Destination - Getting from A to B safely, notify your loved one of your arrival at a destination on time
Provide your friend, loved one or parent with an automatic message to let them know you have got to your destination or back home on time. This is a pre-set feature and can alert either by destination or a specific time. Importantly, if you don’t get back on time Chaperhome notifies your protector with an alarm.

For teenagers, negotiate your time to get home - parents can go to bed and sleep easy knowing that only if their child doesn’t arrive home on time will they be woken with an alarm.

3. Updates - All your alerts and live crime data to help keep you informed
Planning your route - Your dashboard will have live alerts on a message board showing:
Updates for live updates to police crime in your surrounding location
Protector alert and updates when Companion is in use
Protector updates for Destination arrival
Any messages when using Safer Nights.

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Two new events!
- Feels unsafe
- Restricted access

Various bug fixes

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