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Debt Freedom!

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Debt Freedom!

Matthew Corey

Finance, Lifestyle

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The proven Debt Snowball strategy has helped countless people dig out from their overwhelming debt - it won't be easy, but with Debt Freedom!, you can get you take back control over your financial life!

Imagine what life would be like if all of your income went towards the things you want to enjoy now, or in your future - not the things you've already done in the past. You'll be able to save like never before, and help provide a better future for your family! It won't be easy, but Debt Freedom can help.

The only proven, consistent way to get out of debt is by taking a disciplined strategy to pay it off - trying to take a short cut often results in getting yourself deeper in the hole. Debt Freedom! can help get you organized, and its' payment reminders, and regular messages means that it's the debt payment app built for the long haul!

How it works:

Paying off your debts takes discipline and time - there are no shortcuts. With Debt Freedom!, you will list your debts, along with minimum monthly payments, due dates, and any extra available funds. We'll organize them for you so you're most likely to get them paid off, and help suggest where to focus your debt budget. Each time a debt is paid in full, that monthly payment goes to the next one on the list, helping you to gain momentum with each victory!

We know your life is busy, and chances are, you've missed a payment here or there over the years. DebtFreedom! will help keep you focused by sending you payment reminders when you need them. Each time you record a payment, the reminders will disappear until the next one comes due.

So take the next step toward Debt Freedom! Download today, and kick your creditors out of your life! Debt Freedom awaits!

Release notes

Life's not perfect, right? If life gets in the way, and you miss a payment (despite our attempts to remind you!), then you're going to want to know - and now we tell you! It's now easier than ever to see not only what you're up to date with, but what needs attention, and fast!

While we were in there, we squashed a bug or two as well - we're thinking of applying for an exterminators license!

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