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Grade 5 the Easy Way

Version 1.0

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Grade 5 the Easy Way

Belinda Byers

Music, Education

GBP 4.99

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Music theory, not only the "Easy way!", but also the fun way.

14 Games in one App covering the main areas of study for Grade 5 Theory.
Interactive and addictive games to help learn music basics.

Topics include:
Major and Minor Key Signatures
Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales
Recognising and Building Intervals of various types
Clefs - Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor
Recognising Chords
Adding Cadences
Adding Time Signatures
Adding Bar Lines
Adding Rests
Symbols and Terms

A Quiz with questions about orchestral instruments, simple and compound time signatures, technical note names (tonic, sub-dominant, etc.), Italian terms etc.

Some games include ‘Show’ button to display correct answers if you can’t work them out!

Includes in-App Leaderboard to encourage achievement of High Scores.

Creates a working knowledge of music theory through different games and repetition.

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