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Daily Anatomy Flashcards

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*Reach your goals*

Starting to learn anatomy can be overwhelming, but it shouldn't be. Daily Anatomy can be used without any prior knowledge. It starts with the basics, and challenges your brain more and more over time. Learning with Daily Anatomy is not only about repetition. It introduces information in varying forms. Solving a problem in different ways helps you memorize information longer-term and finally be able to fully absorb it. Whether on your next exam, or in your medical professional career, all the anatomy structures will be at hand. No more thinking. Just knowing.

*What will you learn?*

With Daily Anatomy you learn all the important structures of human anatomy. This includes bones, muscles, nerves, vessels and specific points on the bones. Each muscle is shown in both its neutral and functional positions so you implicitly learn the main functions as you go along.

Instead of many thin arrows pointing at various structures, each structure is clearly highlighted in its entirety. This way you can easily identify and memorize both shape and location.

*How to stay motivated and not forget*

Whether you need to learn lists of information, or for instance, every muscle and bone in the human body including how they function together, there is a method really works to help you out. The bonus is that this method doesn't stress you out either because you get to take lots of breaks.

It's called spaced repetition, and it's the way to go for knowledge that sticks in your cranium.

By using spaced repetition, you work through a series of increasing intervals of time between studying what you've previously learned. This method utilizes the psychological spacing effect, which occurs when you are going back over information that you have already learned in order to remember it better. Spaced repetition works well for lists of items or new vocabularies such as medical terminology.

Daily Anatomy has built-in spaced repetition, so you learn as efficiently and effectively as you can.

Release notes

Added CRAM mode.

You wanted the ability to learn without the need for study breaks. Good news: With CRAM mode, you can now learn for as long and often as you want without interruptions.

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