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Qiusheng Liao

Education, Entertainment

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A traditional family mathematical game for training mental arithmetic and quick reaction.
There are 52 cards at the beginning, randomly took out 4 cards each time, the first one who achieves the number 24 using only +, -, *, / get 1 point. The game ends when the card is exhausted, and the player who gets most points wins.
. Up to 6 people can play this game together. It uses Bluetooth to connect families or friends. No Wi-Fi needed. You can also play it alone [let’s get more close ].
. Each player can use the different photos in "Photos" to show the current state: Normal, Win or Lose. You can double-click the photo to reselect it.
. Network latency won’t affect the result of each game. Because solution time a player takes begins when the cards display on his/her own phone/pad, and ends when s/he finish entering last digit.
. Player’s score is bound to the device, so changing player's name won't affect the score.
[Optional] Cards check. Make sure every hand has at least one solution.
[Optional] Add parentheses automatically. You only need to input numbers and operators in the correct order. Such as the following hand: 1, 13, 4, 6, you only need to enter 13, -, 1, *, 6, - 4 in order. App will automatically add brackets as follows: (13-1) * (6-4), and you got 24. Not 13 - 1*6 - 4 = 3. [It’s really cool, aha? ]
[Optional] Hand Passed. Play All passed hands only.
. Automatically saves every hand you passed.
. Solution hints available.

Release notes

1. Each player can use the different photos to show the current state: Normal, Win or Lose.
2. Up to 6 people. Can join the game at any time.

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