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Emergency Questions - RHLSTP

Version 1.3

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Emergency Questions - RHLSTP

Sky Potato Ltd

Entertainment, Reference

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Emergency Questions have travelled into the future and now are available on your smartphone device! Who wants to carry a very small book around everywhere, when you can carry a slightly smaller phone (or larger tablet) and have a not-literally infinite amount of questions to get any conversation started. And then carrying on. Before eventually stopping.

With specialised packs for specific situations and people or just loads of general ones, all appearing in random order so you never know what might be coming up next: an inappropriate question about auto-fellatio or an odd query about whether you’ve tried Japanese food.

From the Sony Bronze Award winning podcast (and everyone knows that bronze is best) Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. It could only be better if there was a shrek in it (or if the questions were read out by Tim from the Office).
All the question packs you purchase will be added to the random generator, but if you wish to get questions from specific packs then you have the ability to hide one or more of the available sets of questions (so you hopefully won’t ask your kids the Human Centipede question).

Release notes

We're back in the App Store after a brief hiatus. Fixed a few layout issues for the new larger screens, plus a few spelling mistakes, dark mode, landscape questions!

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