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Rymindr Ltd

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With Rymindr you will get reminders on the go - be it your doctor’s appointment, car and mot tax deadlines, your pooch’s veterinary appointments, business meetings and what not! It even reminds you to clean your house before that important dinner! What a life saver! Phew!
Ryminder isn’t just your basic online calendar – it is smart. It even sends notifications to your employees helping them to get work done in time.

And guess what? It is absolutely FREE – you’re welcome!

Keeping up with important events, appointments with intuitive reminders are faster and easier than ever.

-Create, automate and manage your to-do-list in one place.

-Share Rymindrs, engage with friends, family, businesses & more.

-Get deals & offers when you need them.

-Stay connected. Instant message your friends and family.

The Rymindr app features include

• Simple & Reliable

Rymindr offers quick and simple ways to create important reminders right on time,
every time!

• Rymindrs Made Easy

Why spend lots of time trying to create schedules which can be easily created using Rymindr’s intuitive automated feature. Simplicity is what Rymindr is all about. Why not give the automated vehicle MOT & Tax reminder system a try?

• Cool, Simple and Fresh Design

With a simple and clean design, Rymindr is easy on the eyes.

• Share Group Notifications

Send important notifications to your friends, family & coworkers. With group notifications, everyone's engaged and on the same page with what's happening & when.

• Save Money

Deals exactly when you need them! Forget about the hassle of searching through endless emails or trawling the web in search for a great deal. Rymindr works hard to offer great deals exactly when you need them.

• Top Performance & Security

Rymindr has been built with security and privacy as a core design and development requirement.

We're working continuously on improving the app with faster speed, reliability and new awesome features. Install the Rymindr app and you’ll be notified about new features as and when they become available.

Join the Rymindr Revolution and get good at life!

Release notes

We've been working really hard and listening to your feedback.

What's new?
- New updated design
- Improvements to the chat platform
- Speed improvements
- Bug fixes and updates.

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