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Pop Shapes

Version 1.2

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Pop Shapes

Robert Tempchin

Education, Games, Family

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I made this app so my six month old baby daughter could slap the screen with her tiny hands and make colorful bubbles jingle and pop. She loved it, and it turned out to be a lot of fun for kids and grown ups too!

Other baby games I looked at all had the same flaw: One wrong touch and the fun stops! Game over, settings screen, or a banner ad banishes you to some webpage until Dad grabs the phone and fixes it.

In NovaTime, the fun doesn't stop:
• Every touch is rewarded with animation and sound.
• You can't lose - no "Game Over", ever.
• No settings - open the app and it plays.
• No ads - no banners, no popups.

You don't have to understand anything to play. Just start popping shapes! One at a time, or drag your fingers all over to pop everything at once.

Popping shapes in sequence can make all kinds of fun and special things happen. For example, pop three in a row of the same color to change the whole screen! Experiment with different sequences to unlock all kinds of events.

Supervised play only. This app is not a babysitter, and it's never safe to leave your baby alone with your phone.

Have fun!

Release notes

Changed name due to threat of legal action from Cislo & Thomas LLP.

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