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Backchat, Inc

Photo & Video, Social Networking

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Bring your photos to life with pan, zoom, text, emoji, overlay, and filter animations. Super easy. Works with video inputs too! Perfect for Instagram or iMessage. Surprise your friends with dramatic reveals. Or give your videos a professional look by adding pan and zoom effects. Be artistic or silly. Add text or emojis and animate them too! Try it and see. No ads.

How it works for photos:
1. pinch and drag to set a key frame
2. add a filter or some text if you want
3. pinch and drag to set another key frame
4. add a different filter or add/modify text if you want
5. Keep adding more key frames, or say Okay and create a video that smoothly moves from one key frame to the next

How it works for videos:
Just the same as for photos, but use the thumbwheel to roll through the video to set the key frames at different times.

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