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Countingup Business Banking

Version 1.4.1

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Countingup Business Banking

Counting Limited

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There are lots of business current accounts. Countingup is the one that does your books.

Running your business is hard enough without the time and effort it takes to dip in and out of a million and one tools and apps every day. So we’ve made the money side of things easier for you, with automated banking and accounting in one app.

Countingup saves you time paying bills, matching payments and doing the books, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters – making your customers happy and growing your business.

Who it’s for

1. Limited companies with 1 or 2 directors
2. Sole traders
3. Landlords

Why you’ll love it

- A two-in-one app to handle your business finances with zero hassle.
- It’s free to get started, and takes just one quick step to open an account and get a Mastercard.
- Automated bookkeeping means one less thing to do every day.
- Impress everyone with professional invoices that pay themselves.
- Get instant alerts on your phone the moment one of your invoices is paid or you spend money.
- All-in-one business banking with an account number, sort code, contactless Mastercard, fast payments and direct debits.
- Smart billing that organises everything you buy in one easy, accounting-friendly way.
- Just one tap to freeze a lost or stolen card through the app and stay secure.
- Keep on top of your figures by exporting your data to CSV or PDF in just one second.

How to open an account

It takes 5 minutes. Download the app and follow the instructions. You’ll need a UK mobile number, a working email address and some photographic ID (passport or driving licence).

Don’t just take our word for it

- We’re the #1 banking and accounting app in the UK, used by thousands of businesses like yours.
- 9 out of 10 accountants recommend Countingup.
- "So easy to use. I really don't know how I ever completed business tasks without it." J O'Kane
- "Simple and easy, everything a high street bank isn’t." I’ll Cook You Pour
- "The future of accounting and banking…" C Ready

Release notes

Better billing
Keep track of who you owe money to, split one payment into multiple categories and account for VAT correctly. Better billing is under the ‘Accounting’ tab, where you can view your paid, unpaid, overdue and draft bills, and create a new bill in just one tap.

Easier invoices
Keep your accounting records accurate and up-to-date by cancelling previously approved invoices. Go to 'Sales invoices' under the ‘Accounting’ tab to issue Credit Notes and delete draft invoices with one swipe or tap.

Remove clutter
Say goodbye to notes or attachments you don’t need with one tap. But be warned – you can’t recover deleted notes or attachments, so make sure you really want them gone!

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