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GLIMPS - Admire, Connect, IoP

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GLIMPS - Admire, Connect, IoP


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Whenever you spend time admiring a part of someone’s life, you will have a way to tell
Whenever someone spends time admiring a part of your life, you will have a way to know!

Glimps with its innovative solutions promises to keep your real life happening and exciting by keeping you more connected and making you more productive. With a network of cute strangers nearby, a box for your wingmates and the simplest path to virality, Glimps sets up as your perfect tool for happiness.
ADMIRATION BOX: A CLOSED NETWORK OF YOUR WINGMATES. All the Social Media apps are subconscious platforms of anxiety with so many unspoken rules. Images must be picture perfect and fit an aesthetic standard. Posting too much is an offense. Liking must be so judicious. Our profiles are brimming with highly curated and filter-ed content which gets the likes but is it the representation of your real self? There was a need to carve out a private, intimate space in an increasingly public social media landscape. A space visible just to your dearest friends (we call them WINGMATES). A place where you can put your guard down and post whatever made you smile. Your posts wont die with time. Its an organized box of your happy moments visible to your 10 Wingmates exclusively.
WINGMATES: Top 10 dearest people of your life. Be it your family members or your closest friends or your Squad! Its a niche of the people you really care for. People who always keep your thoughts occupied with themselves. One’s to whom you’ve sent the maximum tinks. Wingmates are the people who will keep you more connected and hence productive. You can surely Seize the day with the support of your wingmates network!
TINKS: The language of time A breakthrough in the world of communication. Introducing for the first time ever, the language of time. For moments when you’re busy to initiate a conversation, for moments when you’re occupied and unable to reply to your loved ones and for moments when you want to break the ice but you don’t know how to initiate. Here is a perfect tool to help you out. Tinks, Just tap and hold on the (insert emoji of clock) in front of their name and let them know that you are thinking about them. No words. No symbols. Yet so lively.
SUPER PROFILE: Your personal website. Glimps comes along with a holistic 'Super Profile' for all its users. A profile which is your website! Different buckets for different aspects of you. You can rename the buckets and fill in the grids accordingly! The place for you to ROAR! A bucket each for your passion, campus life, travel, hobbies, professional, family, wingmates and many more will let you represent yourself just the way you have always wanted. Remember Glimps is the perfect tool to get viral. Upload your content in your profile and if your wingmates admire it, you will be featured in the Glimps Admiration Box.
TRUST RATING: So real. So Safe. Unstranging that cute stranger with just a phone shake comes along with a potential dilemma. To keep you ensured that all the connections made on Glimps will be kept safe and secure, every profile comes with a trust rating which is so real that it leave you Amazed!

1. Post in your profile
2. Ensure your wingmates give tinks to the post
3. Let it travel through boxes of your wingmates and your wingmates’s wingmates.
4. Get Viral!

PIONEERS: Wingmates of Glimps. They are people who have been the early adapters of Glimps. The people who will always have a strong and a high virality quotient. With a high virality quotient they will have an early mover’s advantage and get the maximum eyeballs and can Seize the Day. Be a Glimps pioneer and initiate your journey to GLORY. Follow us and DM us on Instagram

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Minor bug fixing

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