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LYS: Light | Sleep | Wellbeing

Version 1.5.0

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LYS: Light | Sleep | Wellbeing


Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

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If you spend your days indoors, at home or at work, then this is the app for you.

Instead of measuring how you sleep, start measuring the main influencing factor on your sleep.

Did you know that the light that you receive through your eyes is one of the main factors affecting your sleep quality and your energy levels? Use the LYS app to measure the light quality in your surroundings and see how the light affects you in real-time.

Are you feeling sleepy or energised right now?

Using your phone camera, the LYS app beautifully illustrates how the light in your surroundings is affecting your body and brain. Improve sleep in a matter of days and boost concentration, energy levels and productivity.

To access more advanced features that will help you reach better light habits, pair the LYS app with the LYS wearable pin.

With the wearable device paired, use the NOW function for a more accurate reading of the precise light stimulation your body is receiving in real-time from your surroundings.

With our scientific research-based recommendations, you can set your personal light goals and track your progress with three daily light targets.

Paired with the LYS wearable you can access the DAY graph, which gives you an overview of your 24-hour cycle, your wake up and bedtime. Compare progress and go back in time to see previous days. The LYS app now has three daily light targets to help you reach your optimum light intake in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Download the app and start doing light right.

Release notes

This new app version is packed full of exciting features:

• Personalised tips and nudges for your age, gender and chronotype (morning/evening person)
• NOW camera-only mode. Point your phone camera and let LYS tell you if the light in your surrounding is making you sleepy or energised
• DAY function shows you personalised wake-up and bedtime marks on the LYS 24 h clock, allowing you to dictate your day and night cycle
• A beautifully designed 24-hour cycle that visualises your light intake in an accessible and delightful way
• Customise your daily goals in the MY GOALS settings with our researched recommendation guidance
• Reach your Morning Light goal to kickstart the day
• Day Light goal keeps you energised for longer throughout the day and helps you avoid the afternoon dip
• Reach 100% of your Night Light goal in preparation for a sound sleep every night.

What else is included?

There is a Glossary function filled with insights on the terms we use, from circadian rhythms to Lux and Kelvin. We also produce insightful content on light, which can be accessed directly through the app’s Reflection function.

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