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Numerical Wine Scoring

Version 1.1

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Numerical Wine Scoring

Rodney Page

Stickers, Emoji & Expressions, Social Networking, Eating & Drinking

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Wine and food are meant to be simple pleasures! So, let's keep it that way! Next time you're wine tasting snap a pic and paste a numerical score sticker, no need to remember if you really liked it or LOVED it! The 85-100 scoring system is an easy way to score the wines you taste.

Only you know what you like. As a matter of fact you are an EXPERT at knowing what you like!

The great part is you can share with your favorite wine tasting family and friends with a simple tap of the screen! No more hearing about someone else's "opinion", score those wines for yourself! After all, you are WineLingual!

Works in tandem with the "Wine Tasting Terminology" App!

Release notes

We've updated to the new iOS 12 to take advantage of all the new features and passing that on to you!

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