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Johannes Geismann

Health & Fitness, Food & Drink

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Drinking too much coffee and not enough water?
EveryDrink helps you to track your consumption and reminds you to drink more water.
Track your intake of more than 38 different ingredients, e.g., caffeine, alcohol, or vitamins.
Of course, it can be connected to Apple Health App to sync with other nutrition apps of your choice.

Customize EveryDrink to personalize this great app for your needs:
> Create and customize drinks or use one of our templates*
> Add ingredients like caffeine, vitamins, alcohol or many others
> Add alterntaive drink sizes making it easy to track any size of a drink
> Create two kind of daily goals:
>> "Less than" goals to warn you if you drink too much of some ingredient, e.g. caffeine or alcohol
>> "More than" goals that helpyou to drink more, e.g., water or vitamins
> Get automatically reminded to drink something*
> Adjust the appearance of EveryDrink, the Apple Watch app and the EveryDrink Widget*
> Share all created drinks with your friends

EveryDrink targets at high user satisfaction and provides you:
> A structured overview to easily track your consumption
> Reminders that remind you to drink enough water*
> Determines an estimate of your current blood alcohol concentration (BAC)***
> Use of different units for fluids (also possible to mix), e.g., milliliters, fluid ounce, or cups
> Easy and fast creation of new drink by using one of our drink templates*
> Customize the ingredients for all drinks, e.g., to track your caffeine consumption
> Connection to Apple Health App
> Adjust the appearance of the app*
> Quick access via widget in your lock screen
> Provides Apple Watch app allowing easy tracking using your watch.
> Provides Watch Complications showing the current progress on your favorite watch face.
> Define for each complication type a daily goal to be displayed *
> Export drinks to share them with your friends or import drinks sepcified by someone else.

(*) Part of the "Premium Features" In-app purchase.

(***) Important Disclaimer:
EveryDrink can determine an estimate of your current blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This value is only an estimate and DOES NOT show your real BAC. The estimate is based on the amount of alcohol contained in the drink (specified by you), your weight, height, age and sex (when specified in EveryDrink) and, therefore, does not take all factors into account that affect your real BAC.

The computed estimate of your BAC is just intended to give you an idea how your body might react to the amount of alcohol specified in this app and is provided for entertainment purpose only! Since it is an estimate, it is not accurate enough to base serious decisions on it! Never use this value to determine your fitness to drive!

Never drink and drive! Always drink responsibly! Have fun :-)

Release notes

New features in this version:
* Added some animations to the overview screen. Don't like animations? Disable them in the settings ;)
* New option to set colors of the app: enter a HEX-string describing the color, e.g., #FFFFFF or #000000
* Minor UI clean up

Further fixes and improvements:
* Box colors in color edit screen shows now the correct color
* Prepared app for iOS 13
* Fixed a problem if picking a new date when editing a drink event
* Fixed a problem when logging a drink containing alcohol on the AppleWatch

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