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Drone Kill

Version 2.0

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Drone Kill

Kathy Staub

Entertainment, Education

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As a drone pilot, you direct unmanned aircraft towards targets and shoot them out of the sky. It's fun for everybody but is designed to help learning compass headings, estimating the future location of a moving, turning object and actively deciding and taking action to kill a target. You control the unmanned aircraft by keying in a 3-digit heading for it to turn to. You have issued that heading because you estimate that, considering the aircraft's ever-changing location, speed and where the start of the turn is, it will line it up to one of the targets. When established on the issued heading, the aircraft's gun will be charged up to shoot. Press the "FIRE" button to shoot the targets and win points. As you watch the aircraft fly your vector heading, you will sometimes realize that the vector heading was not correct. You can change the issued vector anytime, even while the aircraft is in a turn. You can also recover from errors, such as immediately changing a TURN RIGHT command to a TURN LEFT command.

Release notes

Improved immediate feedback to user actions and mistakes in keying in headings.

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