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Moving Ball Hit The Wall

Version 1.0

Content Rating 4+

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Moving Ball Hit The Wall

Abdul Basit

Games, Entertainment, Casual, Puzzle

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Keep moving your ball between the walls and tap the screen at the right moment to move the ball on the next path. Stay on the wall and collect points as many as you can.

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Hair Doctor Salon - Girls Hair Parlor
Hair Doctor Salon - Girls Hair Parlor

Hair Doctor is a FREE insane surgery Game that takes you through an amazingly insane energizing background of mending wounds with insane surgery and trims on head utilizing clinical methods. Leader of the princess is severely harmed and she is sitting tight for you to give her a surgery treatment. Be prepared to be an insane cerebrum surgeon. A great deal of slices and knocks are to be dealt with. So turn into a cerebrum specialist, a genuine surgery specialist and give the gauge treatment to the princess. Figure out how to take great consideration of head wounds. Apply hairdos of your decision and make the princess look wonderful after recuperation from the harm.
The most effective method to PLAY:
• Choose a young lady from the two alternatives accessible.
• Get the X-beam done as suggested by the specialist.
• Apply cream on understanding's head after the X-beam.
• Use scissor and trimmer to shave her head totally.
• Use shower to clean the mind.
• Use fasten applier to put on the join on the cuts.
• Use the scissor to cut the fastens.
• Use ice sacks to diminish cerebrum swelling.
• Apply moment hair producer.
• Choose hairdo of your decision and put them on the young lady.
• Share your upbeat quiet's photo with your loved ones.
• Or catch and spare it as wallpaper on shrewd gadget.
• Easy tap and drag Doctor amusement play.
• This enlightening yet fun Hair Doctor Clinic surgery diversion is a free and basic young ladies, children amusement.
• Kids cordial substance.
• Backgrounds and wallpaper personalization.
• Suitable for the entire gang....
Kids Tailor Design Boutique
Kids Tailor Design Boutique

It is the biggest design tailor competition game yet. You actually have to sew games to become the best tailor in town. Add laces, colors, pockets, flowers, belts, buckles, buttons, badges and hundreds of other add-on’s to make beautiful dresses.
Use special accessories like Hats, Shoes, stickers & belts. Cut and sew your way through awesome designs in a whole new mini game section where kids learn to make clothes out of nothing.
Four star princesses are here, so choose quality fabrics and design the perfect clothes for a perfect makeover. There is a lot of un stitched clothes with different colors which would need a lot of creativity from you.
Use your scissors and get ready to make some amazing designs for her makeover. You have to cut along traced lines to make the beautiful & creative fashionable shirt or skirt in your boutique. Stitching has never been so much fun, now make star celebrity shirt the way you want it to be. It’s up to you where you will place your buttons and use the needle to even stitch them.
Be creative and decorate & design the shirt of your dreams, with different laces, buttons, pockets, belts and stickers make star celebrity shirts. Select from beautiful add-ons to make your clothes awesome in your boutique.
Now try the clothes and shirts you make in your try room. Dress up Your princess in your boutique, where she can become a real star. Use more accessories like hats, mustaches, tiaras, turbans and shoes.

What to do
- Use un stitched shirts and trousers
- Cut and sew your shirts & trousers the way you want them to be and create different styles in your boutique.
- Get a wide range of shirts & trousers: Use Laces, buttons, pockets, belts, stickers and different patterns for your makeover
- Select from beautiful star princesses...
Tattoo Surgery Simulator - The Vector Design
Tattoo Surgery Simulator - The Vector Design

Making a tattoo is hard and when it is made it is there for life.
There are going to be three places on the body where you have to Design the tattoo. The most hard being the neck. Your customer wants this tattoo to be designed and is in her emergency state. She has tried every tattoo artist and designer but not satisfied from there designs.

You are the expert in laser design and by this you can learn how laser design works. Also design tattoos on the arm and back. The princess is getting married and she needs her tattoos on her wedding. The tattoo designer should give her patient a check up and see if she is ready for a tattoo design or not. You can also try making test tattoo of any design in our very own tattoo boutique. Become the tattoo design artist and show that you have a knack of making good design.

Use high technology laser design and design the tattoos with your designer skills. You will have to use amazing machinery in this emergency situation.
You can design tattoos to be a artist as well as design them, all in one game.

What to do
- See and design tattoos that are lucrative
- Make new awesome designs
- Be the best tattoo artist in the city
- Also become the best designer...
Hand Doctor Simulator
Hand Doctor Simulator

There are a lot of patients rushing to the crazy dr hospital with various hand injuries. There are a lot of injured patients waiting for treatment at your hospital. Hand surgery simulator is a crazy dr surgery simulator game to bring out the doctor inside you

Newly graduated arm and hand surgery doctors, it's time to get yourself ready to perform hand surgery operations in town hospital. You've had enough of bone, wrist and arm surgeries. Now move to finger surgery or ideally perform surgery operations on hand.
Hand Doctor Simulator Game is the super and full-time educational game for small doctor kids. In this game, doctor is required to go through the proper medical procedures and perform the hand surgery simulation in order to cure bacterial infection or any problem of their patients related to hands.
Hand Doctor Simulator Game is a first-hand realistic surgery experience which will broaden your kid’s brain and let them enjoy the role of the professional hands doctor. With the help of equipped medical machinery, patients will go through all stages of hands treatment in surgery room.

In this the bone doctor in hand surgery game, hand surgery doctor performing bone surgeries on hand, finger, thumb will make you feel it like you are doing a real surgery operation theatre in this plastic surgery doctor game.

In this season boys and girls for casual games so don't get yourself hurt or else you're gonna need a bone surgery doctor treatment PinkabooApps develop surgery simulator games like arm surgery, leg surgery, knee surgery, lung surgery in casual games and kids games category.
Try out the lifesaving challenges of the surgery games and save some injured patients:
• Many injured patients waiting for the hand surgery doctor in the hospital
• Different hand surgery simulator tools every time
• Special surgery simulator tools in the hospital
• Use all the tools skills to make the kids healthy again
• Easy tap and drag finger surgery game play.
• Use different items like germ killer, injection, bandage, x-ray, plaster etc.
• Kids friendly content .
• Backgrounds and wallpaper personalization.
• Sharing on Facebook with friends & family.
• Cool BG music and HD graphics.
• Suitable for the whole family....
Beard Barber
Beard Barber

“We are living in the hairiest time ever and the most permissive,” said Allan Peterkin, a Canadian psychiatrist who is the author of One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair. Beards, the ‘facial fur’ of men are making a comeback these days as you see almost every male celebrity rocking a scruff to a full on lumberjack beard. Beards are highly fashionable these days are they are truly trending among billions across the world. You see, beards aren’t just strands of hair that grow on a man’s face, they are very prominent and significant signs of masculinity.

Being trend setters ourselves, Pinkaboo apps brings you our new 2D game, Beard Salon. With this game you will have to manage hundreds of customers with unique beards. Your job will be to groom them to perfection as a single slip of your hand could ruin the customer’s entire beard. Scissors and trimmers will be your best friends as you’ll use them to design and sculpt those beards to suit the customer’s needs.

Download Beard Salon now and get playing as those beards aren’t going to get styled themselves. Make sure to try it out with your friends to see who has the best fashion sense when it comes to beards! You could use the tools to make a lot styles of beard which you love to make for yourself. If you want to clean shave the handsome prince and king you have that option too!
What are you waiting for install this app for yourself and for your loved ones. This game will give you self-grooming makeover and now be ready for the party! Lights are set!! Have fun and enjoy!! Best amazing and awesome experience ever!

-You have the options of handsome guys to choose.
-You can use many tools such as clippers, razor blade, electric shavers.
- You have the option of decoration like hats,sunglasses,ties,clothes,tattoos.
- Free easy smooth gameplay and ladies will love it too.
- Hairstyles of your choice and take a photo....
Crazy Sports Car: Delivery Trailer Truck
Crazy Sports Car: Delivery Trailer Truck

Have you ever seen cars in showrooms? They look like they’ve never been driven before. But have you then wondered how they got there in the first place from the manufacturing plants if they have 0 miles on the counter? Well that’s where car transport trailer trucks come in, cars are loaded onto them and they take a bunch of cars from A to B without the cars ever having their engines started. Now that this mystery is solved wouldn’t it be fun to actually get behind the wheel of one and drive the truck around town?...
Roller coaster ride USA 2017
Roller coaster ride USA 2017

We hear roller coaster everywhere in the streets, metro train bus, hotels, and parks and even in the cafes in America. Some of the people have not experienced the roller coaster ride and some are planning to go again and why not roller coaster is the most loved ride in the world not in just USA it is full of fun and excitement . You might be playing spinners, American football, soccer, baseball, basketball in this summer’s holiday but you might plan the ride which is full of fun enjoyment and that is our bumpy crazy rollercoaster ride. It’s not scary for anyone it’s fun for all type of ages because roller coaster is simply love. We all love fast crazy rides don’t want to get smash of course but love for roller coaster is eternal. Amusement parks are fun and full of joy happiness enjoyment but not until we ride on a roller coaster. When you play the games of rollercoaster you also live and feel through the excitement of handling awesome roller coaster ride it’s very fast too hot to handle. Sometimes you have to control the speed to because if you don’t you crash too so be on track. This is the most attractive ride in the amusement park because it is super-fast it has sharp turns it is high speed and fun and of course rollercoaster are the centre of attraction. America is country full of adventures and this roller coaster ride is breath-taking journey with awesome beautiful scary crazy moments to witness.
Pinkaboo presents Roller Coaster Ride USA the country which never sleeps and it is full of excitements. Now with the tap of a finger or a poke you will be able to enjoy the experience. Our designers have made sure to give you as realistic possible. You will go crazy you will feel as though you are in total control of the coaster train as you’ll have to manage the speed around the sharp turns and large spirals. The passengers have to feel the rush so you will have to keep it fast enough for them to enjoy it but also manage the acceleration. The most thrilling crazy rolling sky rides of your life. You will be feeling the excitement on a roller coaster of high-speed and you will live the crazy insane moment. Very simple to play you just have to control the speed of the rides and be careful when turn comes you have to slow down there if you will not your level would be failed.
You won’t find out until you try it so go ahead and get downloading the best rollercoaster experience which will fill you with the ultimate thrill and realistic simulation to experience of madness. It is a hit so share it with your friend’s family to see who can handle the thrill!
-Best roller coaster experience with high speed coaster loops.
- Mind blowing 3D graphics with stunts and twists.
-Realistic physics engine.
-Enjoy the beautiful amazing 3D environments.
-Absolutely Free and enjoy....
Hot Summer Beach USA 2017
Hot Summer Beach USA 2017

Who wants to join the beach party? It’s so hot out there. Let’s drive to the beach....
Moving Ball Hit The Wall
Moving Ball Hit The Wall

Keep moving your ball between the walls and tap the screen at the right moment to move the ball on the next path. Stay on the wall and collect points as many as you can....
Prisoner Chase Run
Prisoner Chase Run

In this game you will need to find a way to pick and drop the prisoners.Become Prisoners transporter.It is hard job but it is your duty to do it.It is the time to show your master skills....