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Breastfeeding and Weaning

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Breastfeeding and Weaning

Grazia De Fiore

Health & Fitness

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Advice on feeding, weaning and carrying your baby. Your first call for advice and solutions about sore nipples, broken skin, painful breasts, supplements, how much milk your baby is getting, efficent nursing, changes in nursing as baby grows. Useful indications about nursing and sleep. Finding the approach to weaning that works for you and baby. How to understand growth curves for breastfed babies. Nursing and returning to work. Expressing, pumping and conserving your milk. Some suggestions for you if your baby is born pre-term. Advice about reflux and other challenges. Practical advice about weaning, whether initiated by you or by baby. Guidance about carrying your baby, what supports and methods to use, and when. If you are in the local area, the app will help you choose articles to support your nursing, weaning and carrying needs. The app gives you access to video guides curated by Grazia De Fiore IBCLC, professional lactation consultation and author of two books. There is also a section dedicated to Centro Allattamento CaféBèbè (TM), showcasing what is happening at the centre

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