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Site Coach: Start Smart

Version 1.5

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Site Coach: Start Smart

Etcetera Edutainment, Inc.

Games, Education, Casual

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Safety risks come in various forms on a construction site. Get oriented and show that you can identify them all.

Site Coach: Start Smart is a video game designed to raise the awareness of general construction safety risks. Players investigate construction sites and practice identifying some of the common hazards that may be present in building and highway construction.

The game features variations of the following construction risks: fall hazards, struck-by hazards, misuse of PPE, traffic control issues, trench and excavation hazards, ladder safety issues, scaffolding issues, and so much more.

Site Search Construction features:
-3 different construction environments.
-20+ random issues to identify every on play for maximum replayability.
-Safety bonuses to find on top of identifying issues.
-Badge earning through the Skill Arcade.

This game was developed in partnership with the Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania (MBA), the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania (CAWP), Mosites Construction Company, and Zurich Insurance Group.

Site Coach: Start Smart is a Simcoach Skill Arcade app. Explore careers, practice basic job skills and earn badges to gain exposure to careers and training opportunities in your area. To learn more about the Skill Arcade check out

The information in this game are intended to raise awareness of general construction risks. This game is not a substitute for formal training.

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Updated main menu art.

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