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Kids O Math - Kids Math Game

Version 1.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Kids O Math - Kids Math Game

Enes Mehinovic

Education, Games

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Don't be fooled by the game title, Kids O Math is for adults too! This game can even challenge skilled adult mathematicians with infinite progressive difficulty as you level up and fight against the clock to keep the challenge going. If you’re not up to the challenge, then difficulty settings can be toned down for a more relaxing practice session.

This game is perfect for kids as you can adjust the settings to present math challenges that are age or grade appropriate. As your kid grows, the game challenges grow with them. Multiple player profiles can be created with their own settings, so you can share the game on the same device, but keep the player profiles separate.

Kids O Math - Kids Math Game Operations:
1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division
5. Equations
6. Find Greatest or Smallest number

1. Kids math game, math game for kids (change math game options so little ones can practice)
2. Math game for 1st grade (options can be tailored for first graders)
3. Math game for 2nd grade (why not, change the difficulty options for 2nd graders)
4. Math game for 3rd grade (yes, of course, raise the difficulty and 3rd graders can practice)
5. Math game for 4th grade (again, why not, adjust those settings and pick the math problems you want to practice)
6. Math game for 5th grade (i don't see why not, those math questions can get really hard)
7. Math game for 6th grade (yes, they're very bad at math and could use this to practice)
8. Math game for 7th grade (they're not good at math either, so why not do some math problems)
9. Math game for 8th grade (maybe by now they got the math down, but surely they could go through some math questions)
10. Math game for adults (sure it is, we know adults aren't good at math either and can use some help to get better).

Anybody can play this math game, even though this kids math game is created for elementary or middle school audience.
Do you love math games or enjoy solving math problems quickly?
Want to use the app for math practice or math tutoring?
Do you want to practice math and keep track of your progress?
Why not use this math game to go through unlimited and random math problems and improve those math skills?

Release notes

1. Fixed grade letter bug
2. Minor bug fixes

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