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AMPD Performance

Version 4.7.0

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AMPD Performance

AMPD Performance LLC

Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

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Log your AMPD Performance workouts from anywhere with the AMPD Performance workout logging app! View your completed and upcoming scheduled workouts. Track your progress and get the most out of your AMPD Performance workouts!

AMPD Performance performance facility is headquartered in Dallas, TX with fitness, training and development solutions for golfers worldwide. Our focus is to educate and develop golf-athletes of all ages and levels by reducing the risk for injury, optimizing performance and achieving their goals.

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Release notes

-Custom pages can now be added to the drawer menu
-Optimized video playback when replaying a video
-Optimized push notification destination links
-Updated handling of birthday setting
-Suggestions area will not be shown if there are no suggestions available
-Optimized quick log function with suggestions
-Optimized handling of suggestions
-Workouts logged offline will be uploaded when data connection is restored

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