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Yolo Mate

Version 0.9.4

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Yolo Mate

TaeJong Kang

Social Networking, Travel

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Meet Travelers and Locals with YoloMate!

Do you want to meet up with fellow travelers with similar interests to do something together while you're traveling?
Do you want to meet up with travelers who are visiting to your city? or visitors who are from the city/country where you want travel in near future?
Are you tired of endless and meaningless swiping and finally got matched when you already left that city?

Then please join or host a meet-up to meet fellow travelers or locals with YoloMate
• Find travel companions who have similar interests!
• Meet locals, learn about their cultures and have an authentic travel experience!
• Enjoy and share unique moments with new global friends!
• While other meet-up apps are designed to focus on consistent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meet-ups, YoloMate is designed to meet as a group whenever you want during the trip

How about when you are not traveling?
• Host a meet-up at a hidden place where only locals know for travelers visiting your city!
• Share your culture and give them memorable experiences!

And More
• Simply login with your Facebook or Kakao!
• Have a group chat with travelers without worrying about sharing your phone number or messenger ID!
• You can checkout local mates or travel mates either in your current city or in your traveling city!

Create a meet-up with YoloMate
1.  Log in with your Facebook or Kakao and complete the sign-up page
2-1 (for travel)Tab on calendar, add a trip schedule, then click on that
2-2 (for local)Tab on calendar then click on my local city
3. Create a meet-up
4. When someone request to join your meet-up, you can either accept or ignore
5. Once you accept, there will be a group chat created automatically and you can start to chat with them

Join a meet-up with YoloMate
1. Log in with your Facebook or Kakao and complete the sign-up page
2. Discover all the meet-ups that you are interested by selecting a city and the date
3. Join a meet-up that you are interested
4. When you are accepted to a meet-up, a group chat room will be created automatically. Feel free to start chatting and enjoy.

* Contact: [email protected]

Release notes

- You can now login with Kakao!
- fixed a minor bug to make the app stability and improve app performance

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