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Ken Sakei


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“kist!” is a very feature-rich hi-fi drawing app.
It has a wide selection of tools to draw!
And it’s got a CD player player player player player player player player………. (from Buck Rogers by Feeder)

You can choose the colour of the line from black or white, and the width of the line from narrow or thick.
That’s it, you’re ready to start drawing!

Actually, 'kist!' is a very simple and easy drawing and communication app.

There are no hassles for deciding your tools, just pick one from these simple four options.
Now, all you have to do is to draw whatever you like!
When your masterpiece is accomplished, tap the record button.
'kist!' playbacks your drawing with fun sounds and animation!

'kist!' can generate files that contain your drawing and message like a letter written in a paper.
Email it to your friends or send it via messenger apps.
They will playback your kist! files.
Unlike those sets of icons or stickers, it’s a wonderful way to send personal greetings and messages to your beloved!
(Make sure to tell them to install 'kist!')

'kist!' can save your drawings as well as received letters.

And 'kist!' can generate mp4 movie files!
You can send and post to Facebook and Instagram.
'kist!' makes drawing and messaging so simple.
Even if drawing is not really your thing, give it a try and start with a "smiley face” like the screenshot and tap the record button!

Relax and have fun, then my job is done.

Note: some compatibility issues with the current version: - Facebook messenger may not open the file. - iMessage may not send the file. Hope you enjoy!

Release notes

Improvements and modifications.

kist! screenshot onekist! screenshot twokist! screenshot threekist! screenshot four