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iCard – Mobile Digital Wallet

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iCard – Mobile Digital Wallet

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Perfectly bundled app with online current account, debit cards, virtual cards and more.
0.00 EUR/month give you a top-safety alternative to a bank account, iCard Visa debit card, free instant transfers, domestic & international money transfers and even more. iCard is designed to help you manage your daily payments and give you full control over your money.

Real-time notifications, instant freezing and unfreezing of all cards in the wallet, fingerprint protection all come with our exceptionally friendly personal money app. Shopping online securely, spending and sending money at home and abroad has never been so smooth.
Manage and control your money from your mobile, whenever and wherever you are.

Open a free current account in less than 5 minutes. Get real-time notifications for each operation. You are also covered when you go to study, live, travel and work abroad. Instantly open additional free accounts.

Instantly and for free send money to friends, family and colleagues who are also on iCard to share the bills, for presents, or for support in urgent situations. Make transfers to any domestic or international bank account. Take advantage of unbeatably competitive prices.

Shop and play online with virtual card Visa and Mastercard. Set spending limits and freeze and unfreeze all your cards. Easily track and control every subscription. Rely on access to cash from your iCard wallet on any ATM with iCard Visa.

iCard gives you even more ways to manage your money:
• Foreign currency exchange with no extra fee
• QR code payments
• GiftCards
• Mobile Top-up
Register today and join the hundreds of thousands of clients that have chosen our services and rely on us for all their payments more than 12 years now.

What clients share about us:

“iCard is only the best and nothing else if you wish to use it for everyday purposes and get yourself a good deal for reasonable price rates of card issuer, without lowering the quality. I am very pleased to be owner of one plastic card and I use it a lot because of more then few advantages comparing with similar cards.”
- Marko, Croatia

“Flawless service. So far it is better than my local bank (which could learn from iCard actually!). Impressed by the helpdesk as well: it answered clearly and very, very quickly. This is not a lazy 5-star review, but an actual review of a very good service which I would recommend to friends, family and anyone else!”
- Fabio, Italy

“Great app! Easy and quick enrolment process. Easy to use and very intuitive digital wallet. I really like all of its features. Highly recommend!”
Daniel, the UK

“The features speak for themselves. iCard is really brilliant and it's a blessing for those looking for something more than the traditional bank! 5 stars deserved!”
- Aurora, France

“Very good app. Payment is fast and without problems. Support helped with registration and registration and responded quickly.
Herbert, Germany
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Release notes

Ever wondered why your payment was declined? Insufficient funds, card is blocked or mistaken CVC, PIN?
The latest version of iCard answers all!
Update now and get notified when and why your payment was declined.

Plus, enjoy a new modern vision of your transaction details.
As always, we've included many small improvements
Happy upgrading!

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