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Fallin' Orblez

Version 1.7

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Fallin' Orblez

Robert Rehrl

Games, Action, Casual

GBP 0.00

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Just start the game and enjoy the fun of cleaning your playfield by tapping with your Fallin' Orblez!

But beware of the increasing difficulty of your opponent's Orblez... Always when you loose your Orblez, the opponent's Orblez raise more... And if they reach the top of the playfield, your game will be over!

Try to collect colored Orblez to get extras!

Removing a cyan Orblez give you one extra Orblez per round.

Red Orblez damage additional Orblez on every hit. The number of additional hit Orblez depends on you current balls per round.

Every hit on a green Orblez splits the topmost player Orblez into two smaller ones.

For every hit on a blue Orblez, one player Orblez returns on top, after falling out of the game.

The game do not need an internet connection. It's only needed to download the game itself.

Have fun!

Release notes

Introducing a German localization, redesigned main menu to directly access the Privacy Policy and added links to more games by Rehrl-Software.

Fallin' Orblez screenshot oneFallin' Orblez screenshot twoFallin' Orblez screenshot threeFallin' Orblez screenshot four