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Golden Music Technologies B.V.

Music, Social Networking

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On we:fm you can listen to music live, at the same time with your friends, no matter where you are. You can share songs directly to your friends through our music chats, which allow you to send songs to each other which can be played and saved within the app, making music discovery easier than ever before. And you can see what your friends have been sharing on your music 'feed'.

When you're playing a song you can switch to 'live' mode, which lets your friends see what you're playing and turns you into your own mini radio station, or you can listen in 'private' mode to all your guilty pleasures.

Simply connect your Spotify account to get access to all of your music in the app, and know that any song you save will be immediately added to your Spotify playlist.

If you want to listen to music together wherever you are, work out with friends to the same beats, or just share the songs you love, then we:fm is the place for you. Happy listening!

Release notes

Some bug fixes to improve the experience.

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