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bud - Grow Journal & Community

Version 1.2

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bud - Grow Journal & Community

Neil Hannah

Lifestyle, Medical

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Bud is a visual diary of your plants life. Growers have kept journals for years to track their plants health and development. The information derived from monitoring a plants life cycle has helped increase yield and potency over time. Up until now most growers have used a variety of tools to track this information, excel sheets, word documents, photo galleries, and good old pen and paper. Bud aims to put this all in one place and give growers an organized way to track grows.

Growing is often a solitary activity and for those who want to keep it this way bud allows users to keep all their journals private. But for those who like to share, get feedback, discuss strains, talk techniques, and ask advice, bud offers a way for users to easily share their journals with the community. Public journals can be seen by all, and users can follow individual grows or other users to keep up to date with their latest updates. Privacy is important to growers so all images are stripped of meta data before being stored and shared.

Bud’s aim is to provide a product people like to use, so feedback is encouraged, happy growing.

Release notes

Small Update Adding Some User Requested Features:
- Add a start date to a grow and new updates will auto-fill the current day
- Share grows on forums & sites via links to a web page of your grow
- Multiple update photos are shown in the order they are uploaded
- You can now edit update text after it is posted

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