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Get Your Coat

Version 1.2

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Get Your Coat

Agilysis Limited

Travel, Food & Drink

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Get Your Coat is an app intended to provide a easy planning tool for travel after a night out to ensure that you can get home safely.

The built in drinks tracker allows you to keep track of your own alcohol consumption to try and encourage a healthier lifestyle, helping you to keep track of how many units you’re consuming and how that translates into calories, and how many steps it would take to burn it off.

The travel options on the app allow you to choose from your own phone contacts a designated driver, or perhaps someone who will be giving you a lift. Then when the time comes to leave you can call them at a press of a button, or send them an automated message with your location to say that you’re ready to be picked up.

Or if you have a preferred taxi number, you can program that in so that they’re contactable at the push of a button.

Not able to get through? Or visiting somewhere they don’t cover? No problem, at the push of a button you can search for taxi numbers who are within your area and might be able to help.

Or perhaps you’re relying on public transport and would like to have reminders sent to you before your last bus or train leaves. No more having to watch the clock and missing the last one home, the Get Your Coat app will send you a reminder before your last train, and show you a countdown timer so you know exactly how much time you have left.

The Get Your Coat app is your night time travel assistant, designed to get you home safe and sound with minimal effort.

**Note: This app is only to be used as a guide, It will not be able to identify if you are fit to drive. Legal limits are correct to England, Wales and Northern Ireland at of time of release.**

**Version 1.0 Released January 2018.**

Release notes

Performance enhancements and other minor fixes.

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