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Chipper: Crush Student Loans

Version 1.50

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Chipper: Crush Student Loans

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Student loan debt can feel overwhelming; count on Chipper to help you find the way out. Members save an average of $6,400 and 2.5 years in repayment.

Why you’ll love using Chipper:
• Manage all of your student loans in one place
• Know your payoff (debt-free) date and interest you'll save with the built-in loan calculator
• Qualify for lower monthly payments on your federal loans
• Chip away your debt painlessly with Round-Ups
• Pay off your student loans faster with Boosts
• Save money by paying down your highest-interest student loans first
• Get fair, free & honest advice along the way
• Get family and friends involved with Pool

SIDEKICK (Repayment Planner):
You may qualify for lower monthly payments on your current loans now. Without refinancing.

Sidekick in three steps:
- Link your loans
- Answer a few questions to see what you're eligible for
- Compare and choose what's best for you
We guide you through the rest (cost: completely free)

Pay down your loans without even feeling it with Round-Ups. As you spend money on normal purchases like groceries or gas, we apply the change to your highest-interest loan.

Round-Ups in three steps:
- Link your loans
- Link the cards you use to shop with
- Stay in budget with a weekly maximum and minimum
We do the rest of the work for you (cost: 50 cents for each weekly Round-Up transaction completed)

"I spend money here and there, and it's nice to know no matter what I’m putting a bit extra into the stuff that really matters."
- Cynthia B., Chipper member

See how fast you can pay off your total debt with Boosts: small monthly payments to your highest-interest loan. Run on autopilot, or make one-time Boosts.

Set up Boosts in three steps:
- Link your loans and bank account (once)
- Choose monthly or one-time payment
- Choose the amount
We handle the rest. (cost: $2; charged only for your first Boost of the month)

We are passionate about empowering student loan borrowers like you. If you have any questions, reach out in-app or email [email protected]

Who needs another birthday gift card? Let those who love you most help you move onto your next adventure: financial freedom.
Help your friends pay off their debt, too! #NoMoreRandomGifts

Pool in three steps:
- Link your loans
- You get a unique URL
- Share your unique link privately (or not) as you prefer
We handle the rest and keep you updated (cost: $3 per payment applied to your loan)


Chipper isn't a monthly subscription service; billing only happens based on actual payments to your loans. (50 cents for each weekly round-up payment, $2 on your first Boost payment of the month.) You will, as a Chipper app member, never pay more than $2 in any month regardless of how much you use any of the services on Chipper.

Security, Control and Peace of Mind
Your peace of mind is our highest priority. We work with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to hold our security measures to the highest standards. We do NOT store your banking information on our servers or sell any of your personal information to third parties.

Please reach us in-app or email us at [email protected] if you have issues or requests.

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Made with love and weirdness in Austin.

Release notes

What's new in Chipper 1.50
• Resolved issue with unlinking bank and loan accounts
• UI improvements for a cleaner look
• Performance and stability Improvements

What's new in Chipper 1.49
Member-requested updates:
• Improved the experience of changing your repayment plan.
• Performance and stability Improvements
• Cleaned up app for smaller screen sizes

What's new in Chipper 1.48
You may qualify for lower monthly payments. With the improved Chipper 1.48 with Sidekick, it’s easier than ever to understand your repayment options based on your current student loans and your financial situation.
Version 1.48 includes:
• Sidekick, a decision engine to help you understand your repayment options.
• A completely re-imagined UI to meet your needs and pain points
• Clear onboarding to help you get started
• Easier access to payment and transaction data
• Modular infrastructure to allow for quicker releases of new features
• Improved performance and stability

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