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QuickList simple Shopping List

Version 3.2.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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QuickList simple Shopping List

Matteo Ansaloni

Productivity, Utilities

GBP 0.49

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Clean and essential interface, elegant and pleasant graphics.

Who is this application for?
For all those who, wish to have an app that help them to do the shopping, and that is efficient and intuitive to use and at the same time complete.


- Add, change, delete all the shopping lists you want.
- Add, change, delete all the products you want.

The application automatically saves the products while you compile the shopping list.

- You can export your shopping list.
- Progressive expenditure within the list.
- Procurement of expenditure directly in the "Shopping lists" for each shopping list.
- 3D shortcut.

..... and last but not least a beautiful Dark Mode.

Release notes

- updated to the latest Swift version.
- updated presentation by view: 'New list', 'New product', 'Settings'
- new app icon
- some new icons

- fixing for the list in search add product that in some cases did not contain the product in length correctly.
- color fonts in harmony with the Dark Mode.
- fixing navigation bugs starting from the quick actions icon

- made some general maintenance

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