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What if you could choose a mainstream money that doesn’t lose its value through inflation, was better insulated from economic uncertainty, and is a tangible asset (physical gold) that is 100% yours? Now you can.

Introducing Tally. Money that adds up.

Tally’s platform is a self-contained monetary system and banking platform that enables the customer’s physical asset (gold) to be used as mainstream money every day. Tally is also the name of the currency, like Pounds or Dollars. 1 Tally is 1 milligram of LBMA-approved physical gold allocated to the Tally account holder.

Tally is a new, challenger currency but importantly, not a cryptocurrency. Tally runs on established and reliable banking infrastructure.

The value of your money is protected
Using Tally means your savings are protected from inflation, insulated from bank risk, and is a real asset (gold) that is universally understood, and proven to hold value over time.

No transaction fees or mark-ups
We don’t charge transaction costs, there are no added foreign exchange fees and no fees to move in and out of Tally. Just a single monthly charge of 0.1% of your average monthly holding which covers storage, insurance and operational costs. Any holding above half a million Tally (t500,000) is charged at 0.05%.

Everyday spending
Tally is designed to be used every day through your individual Tally banking account (not a pooled customer account) and contactless Mastercard® debit card (not a prepaid card). From saving in Tally or buying a coffee, Tally is used the same as other mainstream bank accounts.

Better at home AND abroad
Spending abroad is just as easy. You can spend wherever Mastercard® is accepted, with no transaction fees, FX fees or mark-ups by us. And we don’t charge for ATM withdrawals.

Certainty, access and control
Tally is 100% reserve banking which means your deposit stays put. It isn’t lent out or invested as banks do. Your physical asset sits outside the global banking system so no government or bank can restrict your access or have control over your money.

Lowest price for gold
Tally gold is LBMA approved and purchased at the interbank spot rate - the wholesale price for gold regardless of transaction size. We don’t mark up or charge any fees for purchasing Tally. The value of your Tally relative to GBP (£) can rise or fall due to fluctuations in the global gold price.

Control and ownership of your money
The money in your mainstream bank account is legally owned by the bank, who can leverage and lend your deposit (fractional reserve banking). Tally offers choice in the quality of money people choose to use. Tally gives 100% ownership and control back into the hands of consumers. And it’s safe and protected whatever happens.

Release notes

We have made some huge improvements to our technology, making Tally more secure than ever before. We have optimised our onboarding experience and added the ability to Invite your friends to join Tally.

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