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Bobbing Ninja Head Football

Version 1.0

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Bobbing Ninja Head Football

Syed Shahzad

Games, Sports, Sports, Action

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Bobbing Ninja Head Soccer brings for you a chance to play header soccer ball in the most fun way possible. Simply put, you are a ninja and when you’re not busy fulfilling your ninja duties, you enjoy your time playing soccer. You have to place yourself such that you can hit a header. Be careful though! If you let the ball drop, you are done. Game Over :( You can keep changing your place according to the direction of the soccer ball through the three given controls: up, left and right. “Up’ make you jump upwards so you can hit the soccer ball higher, ‘“ left” takes you to the left side of the screen and “right” to the right side of the screen.

Bobbing Ninja Head Football screenshot oneBobbing Ninja Head Football screenshot twoBobbing Ninja Head Football screenshot threeBobbing Ninja Head Football screenshot four

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Military Cargo Transport Truck - Army 3D Offroad 4x4 Drive
Military Cargo Transport Truck - Army 3D Offroad 4x4 Drive

Transport & deliver the required personnel, stores and equipment, Combat Service Support to the army in an offroad hill climb trucker, its not a tourist bus for fun ride, here danger is on peak, supplies are needed for army offense , roads are massive and curvy, weather is extreme and thrilling cold and hot, wet and dry, mountains and hills, snow and sand and on some patches dust will obstruct your vision, its not just a ride its an crazy adventure in which u deliver and transport army goods, like tanks, oil barrels and ammo and helicopter cannot take everything and the terrain from where u will pass is as legends say it A monster! but you have to take the shot
Drive to Transport Tanks, Oil barrels and Other Military Goods!

Standout as the top driver of heavy duty vehicles. Adventurous and craziest off road bus driving with real-time physics, hill top driving, twisted turns and breathtaking game play scenes.

When Army needs to transport weapons and provisions they use Military Truck, planes, helicopters, trains, jeeps and vans. In this Military Cargo Transport Game a truck Driving experience is simulated in an offroad hilly, rocky and dusty environment, planes need airports, helicopter need helipads but truck drive through cliffs, hills, plane lands, and underground spaces, and when you have to go offroad then a 4x4 truck will justify your need, So in the end of 2015 and when 2016 is starting this truck is ready to drive through hill and climb up the mountains, drift on slippery road, and run like horse on pavements and be the part of military operations.

• Real truck driving experience
• Delivery of cargo goods is time based.
• Snowy and Grassy Environment
• Different camera angles.
• Traffic on the roads of this city and can damage your cargo.

Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!
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War Bike - Bike Gun Strike Fight
War Bike - Bike Gun Strike Fight

War Bike - Bike Gun Strike Fight

Assume that you are playing a role of a small criminal named MR San that starts out his criminal career in this town. In True Streets Crime Moto cross Fighter 3D earning money is the biggest main part of the game.
The streets are full of crazy gangster’s mafia fighters and criminal, MR San wants to become the leader of super Crime City. Mr. San wanted to be a world tycoon and he wanted to buy, sell and trade properties, specialties, weapons, armor and equipment around the world.
Earn respect from other thugs and mobsters as well as other undercover mafia are very important part of our crazy missions, underworld is calling all the shots, dodge the mega politics and over-take the towns, liberty is not an option. war is raging, there is hustle and bustle of euro gangs, guns are blazing, there is no escape, fight or die hard!

By completing the Realistic Mission of Crime City that gives you chance to build up your own criminal empire with your crime city SUPERBIKES. Become the leader of the undercover mafia and thugs and mobsters.
The streets of this mafia city are full of criminal thugs as well as rival and that means they also wanted to become the leader of underworld mafia and they set a BATTLE-FIELD for you and they are professional shooter and firing through sniper, rifle, auto gun and latest machine guns .You are driving your motor-cycle and they want to shoot you because you are true rival of that gang. Try to dodge them and fire them. BATTLEFIELD is not on a border. Streets of urban city are currently seems like battlefield. Gangsters are on different type of sports car as well as on luxury auto car and these auto cars were stolen from different people and this motorcross theft will not go neglected.

Are you a fan of Russian crime, Miami crime or NYC crime or San Andreas Crime City simulators or shooting games?

Enjoy the Traffic racing on streets of urban city and DODGE them.
Always watch your back!. The higher you will get the more criminals want to take you down. It’s a cold world in the criminal world. Car thefts are amazing from your rebel so try to theft your rival car.
- Amazing crime urban city environment in 3D
- Mafia, thugs and mobsters wars
- Real life weapons and cars and your moto cross bike, SUPER-BIKES, motorcycle
- Master a deadly shooter, in a challenging adventures
- Crazy missions
Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!
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Construction Simulator : Build Operation
Construction Simulator : Build Operation

Construction : Build Operation is a Simulation Game
play, build, excavate with Bulldozer, Lifter, Transport Truck, Containers, wooden Boxes, Cranes, road rocks and much more...
Live life as real life constructor with gigantic machinery for construction and maintenance of your off-road hilly mountain area & industrial city and operate heavy vehicle as an engineer. Play Construction Sim : Off-road, newest 3D construction simulator in this game we will let you have the full control over the heavy construction vehicles with driving and heavy machinery handling and operating vehicles including heavy excavator , construction truck , bulldozer as a roller & fork lifter roller are the awesome features that make off road Construction Sim : Off-road an amazing 3D simulation game of 2016.
Plow rocky roads where no crane can reach, drive to site and work with your crew and don't forget to park the vehicles.
So get ready to experience the real off-road hilly construction environment in Construction : Build Operation and bring mining equipment and heavy machinery from workshop.Heavy construction vehicles including bulldozer. Heavy excavator, construction truck, painter & road roller are also construction vehicles.Run in person and get the key of your desire vehicle that help you in the completion of task and mission for doing constructing of offered hill city.You need extraordinary driver and parking skills to drive bulldozer truck and other giant vehicles and excavator cranes and fork-lifter. Fork lifter is used for lifting up the material box and transport them at target destination
Be the constructor machines driver.Off-road Hill Climb driving on hilly mountain is extreme risky.Avoid any collision and damage to your equipment and heavy machines . Land sliding is a major issue in the Off-road hill city.Sit behind the steering wheel of heavy dump truck and start and adventure of extreme drive on off-road hill highway. Face the challenge of driving loaded truck in off-road hill highway hill road. Dump all the dumping material at target destination. Drive back safely and park vehicle at the construction.Bulldozer can do multiple task of cleaning road and planing the road of off-road hills.Road of off-road hills need maintenance . Show off your crane operator skills and drive all these heavy vehicles carefully around the construction site.

Constructor challenge of multiple heavy equipment.
Realistic off-road hilly mountain environment.
Realistic Control of construction machines include giant fork-lifter and bulldozer.
Challenging time limited games.
Animated real life constructor 3D person.

Download the newest Construction : Build Operation 3D simulator and enjoy for hours of unlimited fun and adventures in the coolest construction game on your ipad or iphone....
Car Driving 3D : Free Snow Hill Landscape Simulator 2016
Car Driving 3D : Free Snow Hill Landscape Simulator 2016

Are you ready to drive a car in snow?
Fasten your seat belt and get ready to drive astonishing different sports cars through perilous snowy hills and crazy paths for the thrilling drive as a Furious car speed driver ! This car ride is filled with dangerous twisted hills atop a snowy mountain range. Nothing is more fun than the thrill you get from driving these sports car along realistic scenic 3D snowy weather environment and wintery terrains and vehicles with detailed interiors make you feel like the master of your driving. ! EnjoyDriving experience on tough roads with easy controls and smooth game play no pick and drop point .
More thrilling, excited feeling of basic cars driving and racing with dream sports cars that is used in rally game . You’ll perform tricks, stunts and show off your driving skills . Cars are park at different point go to your car by moving your person . BLAZE through snowy streets at intense High speed driving and rally racing your dream sports cars, jeep car around nice fantastic and snowy environment . The roads and streets are slippery .There are absolutely NO RULES .All you have to do is drive, and drive fast dream sports cars.Enjoy the ride with an amazing selection of different sports cars with sights of rocky snow , snow dumped hills adds enjoyment to the journey of your driving.

***Game Features***
- Driving experience in a realistic snowy weather and snowy off-roads.
- 4 Different types of Cars including Realistic Animated Driver
- Realistic Vehicle Physics including damage effect of cars.
- Furious Speed Racer feature in a snowy weather.
- Various exciting and adventurous tracks for you to enjoy
- Realistic effects of snow and rain.

Download and Play Drive Car In Snow game ....
Taxi Driving Simulator 3D: Snow Hill Mountain & Free Mobile Game 2016
Taxi Driving Simulator 3D: Snow Hill Mountain & Free Mobile Game 2016

Taxi Driving!! Yeah Holidays are fun, pack your bags be a tourist across Snow cape hill, frozen water lake and offroad tracks like never before..
Free, fun, Crazy, realistic driving, snow, speed and much more awaits you in this free to play Simulator Game.

Everyone love a smooth ride, but when conditions are crazy, snowy road, off-road track, slippery ways and cliff side steep roads, then your driving experience gets challenging, and to transport tourists in taxi in these conditions gets even more exhilarating, when time is limited, speed is only option but to drive with speed a& accuracy is the test.
Normal Cabs go around pick passengers and drop them but this cab will race and take every modern Taxi, its not just a game its a complete experience to take you on a highspeed ride in 2015 and very soon 2016... so fasten your seat belt and experience the craziest driving adventure yet!
It contains thrill, speed, skill and Missions to challenge you on every turn.

Features of Winter Snow Plow Truck
-- 4 Different Classic Taxi Cars
-- Snow, Cold, Ice on hill which will give you chills
-- Beautifully adjusted Car Controls...
Monster Truck 3D: Legend
Monster Truck 3D: Legend

Legend is out!! Trucks Madness is here, best Monster Trucks out there with more accurate Controls and multiple modes of driving (First Person Driving perspective).
When Monsters are in Action, there would be fire on streets, Drive an Extreme Stunt Monster Truck & spread mayhem across rivals!! If Driving Ultimate Heavy, Big Vehicles is your thing then you are in luck to race Brand New Exiting & Realistic Monster Trucks in city & off-road land and on bridges and bypasses. speed is the key to jump over ramps, loops and obstacles, This Game will take you in next level of stunt gaming world. No obstacle can survive destruction & no object can avoid demolition when these monsters are roaming the streets, roads & fast lanes, their lightning speed with nitro allows them to run over any ramp and perform stunts that are not possible for ordinary racing cars .

***** Key Featured Of Monster Truck *****

** Realistic Physical Behavior
** City + Offroad Stunt Area
** Very Precise Controls
** Breath-Taking Graphics
** 2 Modes of Driving (Racing Cam, First Person Driving Cam)

Free To Play! and will always be a Free Game.
*Ads are included....
Prison Escape Mission 2016 : Free Play Game
Prison Escape Mission 2016 : Free Play Game

*****[Prison Escape Mission 2016]*****

Prison Escape in Racing Car is Taking Place, Criminal Prisoners committed jail break!! Prison Guard Duty Helicopter is used by cops, to give hard time to prisoners which are breaking out, its same all around even if its Russia, Europe or Miami or Latin America helicopters are used to chase the criminals to stop the cartels.

Chasing Racing Car From Air is difficult and when helicopter is flying in city then its flight gets more challenging, you will get the chance to become heli-rider and fly through city, follow car on roads and keep it in rage to track its direction, this require precise and great level of vigilance.
Try this free game to experience the adventurous ride of helicopter and chase criminal gangsters across city.

[Key Features]
* Realistic Helicopter Simulation
* Precise Controls with Tilt Optimization
* Awesome City Environment
* Car Chase Filled With Prisoners

**Free To Play, And Always Will be!!**...
Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Taxi Driver 3D Simulator: Crazy Driving in City Rush
Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Taxi Driver 3D Simulator: Crazy Driving in City Rush

Get your tuk tuk rickshaw on road and do taxi driver job to pick and drop passengers. Grab the opportunity to ride a three wheeler and enjoy the best tuk tuk rikshaw game in huge 3D city. Become a crazy rickshaw driver & drive around streets day and night to earn taxi fare. Let it be rain or cold foggy night of winter, just sit behind steering wheel of beautiful tuk tuk and ride along modern city streets.

Key Features of Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Taxi Driver 3D Game:
10 highly enjoyable tuk tuk driving missions
Multiple rickshaws to ride in your favorite colors
Enjoy dashboard view of auto rickshaw while driving
Different weathers like rainy, sunny and foggy
Day and Night Mode with intelligent traffic system
Realistic 3D city locations with multi parking spots
Flawless controls without any lags
Immersive sounds and typical rickshaw horn

Tuk tuk simulator gives you the best chance to experience autorickshaw ride. Become a cab driver to earn money and have fun driving in city. Pickup passengers and drive them to hill station in tuktuk simulator game. Go speed driving and rickshaw drifting around tricky road turns. Rickshaw driver duty is not easy as it requires professional biker skills as well as reckless driving insights. Unlike bus coach driver, an auto driver have to be super fast to drop passengers on destinations before deadline.

Tuk tuk auto rickshaw is the most famous mode of transportation in asian countries. Now you get to drive tuktuk rickshaw across europe. Pick and drop civilians on their desired parking spots. Drive in city traffic and avoid crashing into cars or other vehicles. When you get bored by playing transporter truck games start your tuk tuk and ride free in town. Try rickshaw drifting and stunt riding in big city. Complete rickshaw driving missions before deadline and enjoy challenging gameplay with increasing difficulty in different levels. Download Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Taxi Driver 3D simulator game for immense drift & fun driving and endless adventures.

We hope you enjoy our auto rickshaw simulator game and do not forget to give us your feedback!...
Multi-Storey Coach Bus Parking 3D: City Auto-bus Driving Simulator
Multi-Storey Coach Bus Parking 3D: City Auto-bus Driving Simulator

Get latest Coach Bus 3D Simulator game on your smartphones now and enjoy challenging multi-level parking missions. Become pro bus driver and drive multiple buses to pick & drop passenger or school kids. Drive in realistic open world 3D environment in this parking mania. Get behind steering wheel of a school bus and after driving kids to school park the bus in multi-storey parking plaza. Drive huge city bus on streets of new york and challenge your driving skills in rush hours. City coach bus is gigantic and it requires expert driving skills to turn around narrow streets. Get your driving licence by showcasing immense ability to control big bus. Multi-Storey Coach Bus Parking 3D simulator offers multiple vehicles to drive in realistic city. Tackle loads of city traffic and face thrilling parking challenges.

Drive with care and do not smash cars or crash into traffic. Take care of schoolbus in multi story parking plaza. Bus steering is smooth to control which is ideal to drive freely in grand city. Before summer ends and kids school starts, train your car driving skills and parking in multi-level plaza. Enter multistorey building and find your ultimate parking spot. Enjoy driving in city and pass the driver job test with flying colors. Bus parking mania is the best autobus simulator game you have played in 2016. Ultimate driving experience in ultimate buses. As school bus driver your job is to pick up school kids and drop them back to their homes. After whole night driving park your passenger bus in a multi-storey parking building. Careless driving will cause serious car damages. Traffic violation may result in suspension of driving lisence by police. Go racing in asphalt streets and highway roads.

Key Features of Multi-Storey Coach Bus Parking 3D Simulator game:
Multiple city buses like passenger bus,tourist & school bus
Ultimate bus parking scenarios in multilevel park plaza
Realistic physics for vehicles
Beautiful sounds and 3D graphics
Invincible quality controls for street racing
Real bus coach for transporting citizens
Epic multi-storey bus parking missions in multilevel building

Enjoy playing the most realistic coach bus driving simulator game and master parking skills of a crazy driver. Transport citizens in city and explore multi level parking plaza.

We hope you enjoy playing bus simulator 3D game & have ultimate fun in this parking mania. If you have any suggestions, we are happy to hear from you....
Kids Math Academy : Fun Addition Crazy Multiplication Ultimate Division & Expert Subtraction
Kids Math Academy : Fun Addition Crazy Multiplication Ultimate Division & Expert Subtraction

MOTHERS!!! Are you worried about you kid math skill and wanted to practice math in summer holidays .
 Don't worry Preschool Math Kids available on play store for you kid. 
Toddlers are in for a treat, Every Toddler should learn 123 Math, ABC alphabets, so her is a game for toddlers to get them trained in 123, yeah that's Math.
This Math Game includes Exercises of four operators addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.
Count Numbers, Calculate answers. grade yourself, in a playground of learning space, get a genius mind. Pre-School & kindergarten are good places but this app coves the need for educational thirst in a mobile game. if you love Lego calculators you will certainly love this pre-school math game. this game is perfect for your child which has started learning basis science & to polish their mind skills, so they experiment this knowledge in real life examples. Its very safe game for learning Math & getting experience of pre-school math. Parents should also try it.

its a numbers game, educational for parents and learning for kids and its free. Discover Explore and Learn.
-Pre-School Math Kids Game is a Kids Math app help your kids for their math's homework .It won’t be a problem anymore! 

-Pre-School Math Kids Game is an cool educational math game for your kids and a perfect math workout for your kids also a perfect challenge for parents.

-Test your brain, raise your IQ and solve mathematics quiz.

-Practice Mathematics operations Pre-School Math Kids Game is designed as a guess puzzles.

-Time is very important in school exams and kids Grade is important for their future so LEVELS are Time base So he can Practices Math quiz and can easily get good grades in school exams. Moreover  IQ  level also improves by solving quizzes.
Four Mathematics operations: 
         - Additions
         - Subtractions
         - Multiplications
         - Divisions

Level is designed according to the difficulty level 
• Easy
• Medium
• Hard

Math Table 
• Learn math's tables while playing! 
• Easily solve multiplication operation for an algebraic system
• Take your best guess and solve puzzle.

Surprise for kids...
Hill Climb Construction Crane 3D Dumper & Forklift
Hill Climb Construction Crane 3D Dumper & Forklift

Play role of real construction worker with full dedication and hard work. Become part of uphill construction crew. Work at realistic construction site to operate heavy duty construction vehicles for city building. Most anticipated adrenaline filled construction crane operator job for development of county mall. Enjoy the latest, 2017 construction simulator 3D game for challenging gameplay on under-development site. Operate excavator crane to collect debris into gigantic dumper truck. Drive a real truck outside construction area to dispose all dump from big loader truck. Use heavy machinery like crawler bulldozer crane for city construction purpose. Maneuver forklifter crane for uplifting heavy cargo boxes. All thrilling tasks in one construction & crane simulator 2017 game.

Gauge crane operator skills by working at hill climb construction area. Become all-rounder construction worker and dumper truck driver in one 3D simulation game. Drive machinery on rough curvy roads to complete town builder job. Sit behind steering wheel of gigantic excavator crane and load debris or dump construction material in a real dumper truck. Drive dump loader truck away from hillside construction site. Become expert crane operator using heavy machinery. Complete road builder project for new city construction. Enjoy extreme excavation missions in this construction crane simulator game.

Build city roads on huge up hill climb environment. Enjoy driving dumper & loader truck on curvy roads for transporting construction junk outside new builder town. Play vital role in real city construction game driving trucks and operating gigantic cranes. Complete curvy construction missions on hill climb site. Abide by builder duties in notorious construction company and feel proud for hard work.

Key Features of Up-hill City Construction Crane 3D Simulator Game:
Realistic crane physics
Operate construction excavator
Drive road bulldozer crane
Dumper truck driver job
Forklift crane operator skills
Work at realistic construction site
Hydraulic crane controls
Smooth driving operations
Amazing 3D graphics

We hope you enjoy playing crane simulator game & have ultimate fun in this construction mania. If you have any suggestions, we are happy to hear from you....
Driving In Car Reloaded : Car Driving Simulator
Driving In Car Reloaded : Car Driving Simulator

***Reloaded With Extra Fun Features & Much Much More .... Become A Crazy Driving Hero!***
Driving In Car Reloaded!!!
These cars are like no other, get a realistic feeling of racing a car in City, Asphalt roads, off-road track, bridges and dusty and sandy terrain, race in nitro mode with awesome shiny cars and luxurious interior, driving has never been the same! Go out on a Voyage of your dreams, be fast like a big bang driver & learn with our academy racers, its not just a game its a Driving School to learn heavy traffic Driving & Racing Academy to avoid police chase :)
Drive Car Drive fast Drive far but most of us sick of endless skyline racing games with third person perspective so you try this new super car driving mania and parking game as well as car stunt game. Most of the car racing and driving games require precision driving skills. This one is no exception overall! You have to drive fast but smooth as well to avoid traffic cars on road, road barriers and other obstacles on the road. Super-car as well as sports car needs skill driving as well. Drive a car and many cars are placed on different location Driver take out from the luxury car and drive a different sports cars so you can enjoy different car driving all over the game.Steer your car on device to drag your car wherever you want.You have to pass all different spots.
You can also try the stunt driving in this car driving. You can drive and enjoy stunts on ramps but some ramps are straight and curved, some easy, some hard some up and down the ramps. In this car driving game every car driving enthusiast will find something challenging.
The 3D environment looks very realistic than in other simulation car racing games .You drive your luxury car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. This is one of the best 3D driving simulator game that will develop your driving skill because city as well as large free area for driving freely into your luxury sports car and become the best Car driver and highway tour can also be taken in it.
Do you have a need for speed of real car drive sim 3D ? Download Driving in Car Simulator, the newest endless racer for iPhone & iPad. Brace yourself to fun with the newest , unique , free Driving in Car Simulator game of 2016.
***How to Play:
* Super Cars & Easy Controls
* Choose between a wide range of cars
* Large City Maps
* Real-time car destruction and damage
* Car Drive on the highway traffic
* Traffic Like no other
* Simple and easy controls to play
* FREE download , Have Fun
* No WiFi No Problem!
* Recycle & Go Green
* Free Play Racing Game * Contain Ads *...
Crime Queen Mad City Simulator 3D 2017
Crime Queen Mad City Simulator 3D 2017

Welcome Crime Queen with suicide squad to mad city for epic clash of crime.

Explore huge urban sprawl of mad city with crime queen in the dark, seedy and ruthless underworld mafia. Avenge murder of drug cartel members by corrupt police officers. Fight hand combat, master melee attack in stealth and grab arms for epic shootout missions against city law enforcement.

Pick up baseball bat and beat the hell out of rival gangsters. Fight police forces with gun shooting and explosives like grenades. Ride harley bike for extreme moto stunt fun and drive super luxury cars. Shoot rival gang members with automatic weapons. Commit serious crimes like kidnap mafia member for extortion money and drug smuggling.

Drive sports cars and escape police chase after heinous crimes. Straight outta prison go to mafia chief and get recruit in top criminal gang. Get into crazy action to expand turf inside mad city. Work for Don Corleone to avenge his lost family in cartel gang wars. Dark intriguing and ruthless world of crimes is at your fingertips now. Get out of urban slums and enter into glitz of crime world.

Play Crime Queen Mad City Simulator 3D game for unlimited hours of violence and illegal adventures. Embrace dark life of ruthless crimes fighting against police force and rival criminals. Get armed with baseball bat, guns and grenades to blow up enemies. Ride motorcycle or drive gangster cars in city for chaos and mayhem in streets. Show real driver ability to runaway from chasing police cars and bikes....
Ambulance Rescue Driver 2017 - Emergency Simulator
Ambulance Rescue Driver 2017 - Emergency Simulator

Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run into injured patients in need on curvy city roads. Drive fast, yet safely, and use reckless driving skills to dish out aid. Turn on ambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast. On this fragile task, look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic cars. Packed with thrilling rescue missions, time and efficiency is what matters most in simulator game. Feel the thrill of steering the ambulance through beautiful yet dangerous city environment. Play the most anticipated emergency simulator game, Ambulance Rescue Driver 2017. Nothing is as stimulating as saving a human life!

Explore the the hustle and bustle of emergency medical rescue. Race your car through the big city traffic, let doctor rescue injured in accidents and drive them safely to the hospital. Ambulance driver job is dangerous so be careful! Rescue duty driving is not that easy in realistic game. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the people and the heavy traffic. You are an ambulance car driver, and only your agility, alertness and courage determine - Will the doctors and paramedics rescue the patient? Like an urban ambulance driver save the city people who are in need of medical attention ASAP!

This ambulance game has many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time. You can driving around the big city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. It's crazy how the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer.

There has been a massive accident and you’re the on-duty ambulance driver! Get the doctor to the injured ASAP! Lives are at stake; it’s a rescue mission! Rush your ambulance around the city to get to the scene of accident in time.
Learn how to drive an ambulance truck, and park it in front of a big city parking 3D hospital. Help the doctors by giving them the patients in time. Drive your vehicle in the big city to the hospital and show your skills of precision driving and parking game while you stay stress resistance. The different parking situations are based on time limited situations, you need to get the patient to the doctors as fast as possible. Need to control the ambulance, needs to drive fast through the big city.

Ambulance Rescue Driver 2017 3D Game Features:
Modern ambulance vehicle with realistic physics
Multiple rescue missions in emergency situations to save lives
Simple and easy controls for seamless driving
Many different routes across the city
Realistic big city environment and amazing graphics
Addictive and easy game play

Time is of the essence in these ambulance police and fire truck games. Hit the siren button and get ready for some extreme ambulance rescue missions. Doing some speed driving in this extreme ambulance rescue game is pretty EPIC....
China City Transit Elevated Bus Simulator 3D: 2017
China City Transit Elevated Bus Simulator 3D: 2017

Drive first ever futuristic elevated bus that moves over china city traffic. Future transportation made easy with transit elevated bus. China bus straddles above road traffic to transport passengers towards destinations. Become a real bus driver in this latest bus simulator driving in city. Drive sky high bus on busy roads without worrying for heavy traffic jams. Pick up tourist passengers from elevated bridge stops and drop at designated stations. Enjoy realistic china bus simulation and control a reliable public transport.

Ride latest china bus freely above taffic jams without worrying about car accidents. Best innovation in fast paced world where you drive sky bus anywhere you want. No boring fixed bus routes like train tracks. It looks like realistic train but drives like a big school bus only flying over cars. Do wonders with latest chinese invention.

The new Transit Elevated Bus 3D is 10 meter high from ground to pass over all city traffic vehicles. Transport citizens from point A to point B in latest airbus. This elevated vehicle needs a real bus driver to handle it. Rookie drivers stay away or learn driving a huge city bus.

Enter into realistic bus simulation world of future. Drive articulated coach bus out of parking school to ensure intercity public transportation. This next-gen autobus is bigger than double decker bus and better than china city taxi service. Elevated bus driver needs expert skills passed by special bus driving academy.

Drive through multiple bus routes to pick drop citizens intercity. Are you capable enough to become a real straddling bus driver. Get maximum passengers & pedestrians on board and drive above china city road traffic for transporting citizens. Coolest straddle bus simulation driving experience for expert drivers. Newbie or rookie drivers first need to pass bus driving school.

Key Features of Elevated Bus Driving in City:
First ever china elevated bus
Amazing new gameplay
Intelligent traffic system
Exciting pick n drop missions
Real bus driving test
Master air bus parking skills
Incredible detailed 3D graphics
Next-gen vehicle controls
Unique autobus physics

We hope that you enjoy playing our high tech futuristic bus driving in city game. Make sure you give your feedback on latest china bus....
Walking Zombie Doom's Survival - Shooting Game
Walking Zombie Doom's Survival - Shooting Game

Show Courage & Beat Walking Dead in Insane Zombie Frontier Survivor Legend Game!

This Halloween Shoot the killer creatures who were created in 2016 by a deadly virus known as Virus-T & making heroes zombies turning in to a zombie apocalypse.

Mr Rambo is a sole survivor of this insane zombie wreck, turning plants cold, killing everything they encounter from village to surreal, from prison to asylum, from Berlin to Miami, from solider yo spy no one is safe from these twisted & bloody zombies.

The only way is to strike them hard with bullets from guns like Ak47, M14 & Sniper, take aim in stealth mode so they listen or you would be in danger of fatal bite & no cure can beat that disease, no escape from the dead horror & no bottle or potion to help no hospital will admit you, your character is Rambo in game which is highly trained in warfare and modern combat in fps & tps mode, also he has trained with ninja warriors. He is a Sniper Shooter of finest, with prefect target skills, no SWAT or Police man can counter these skills, only Rambo & Superheroes can survive that kind of doom.

This Game takes place in gloomy dungeons of a abandoned fortress with is teaming with dead walking zombies, time is full moon of dark night, with horror of icy cells, your mission is to clear the wave of zombies coming in numbers, this dungeon resembles like of Alcatraz & old ancient buildings, with fear gripping every corner, secret passages, spiral stair cases, underground prison cells, underworld type of feeling comes from this twisted & wretched place, foes everywhere no ally to support, survival is very bleak, flip your fate with shooting and killing as many zombies as you can.

The Age of destruction begins with zombie outbreak but police & swat & army forces contained them to an that old dungeon and with them they accidentally send Rambo for a deadly mission to eliminate & smash the zombies & show guts and courage in face of doom, he is a stealth fighter with perfect scouting and spy skills, extending them to daring machine gun, sniper and rifle shooting, making him a perfect weapon against dead creatures.

Once Converted you become a walking dead creature infected, with no brain
Zombie Target Walker Rage Mod is free to play where huge wave of zombie come to you as tsunami.

Zombie Target Walker Rage Mod - Features:
- Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures
- Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music
- shoot zombies in FPS mode
- Fun to play! Halloween Special
- Different type of Zombie Models
- Different Guns to chose from
- Multiple Targets to shoot
- Easy to control.
- No wi-fi No Problem.
- Free Play Action Game - Contain Ads

Treat yourself with this Halloween Special Game....
Army Spy Truck Drive Game 2017
Army Spy Truck Drive Game 2017

Get ready to play ** Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive ** Game.
Strategical army war is about to strike the uphill battle field. You have to serve your country as a Uphill Army Spy Trucker Drive.
Uphill Army Spy Trucker Drive is a newest 3D simulation Game for you . You have to show your driving skills as a trucker driver in offroad environment .Your ultimate duty task is to transport soldiers through the rugged terrain on hill climb.Provide pick and drop facilities to the military soldiers and to take off into their destination. Transport weapons and heavy army cargo to offroad hill station. Test your extreme army truck driver skills with this offroad driving simulator.Start your Journey from an army base camp. You are a driver of a military and being a military driver your duty is to drive an army 4x4 truck throughout a mountain and drop army commando to their check post.
Play multiple intense levels in a realistic 3D uphill mountain environment with detailed HD graphics in the finest cargo and soldiers transport games. We hope you enjoy and have fun playing this modern Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive Game.
you are on a driving mission where no police, SWAT or metro security forces can go, you are equipped with elite jeeps & heavy military truck, load troops, soldiers & even tanks in truck for long distance transport, drive over rusty lands, deserts, frozen icy lakes, hills & mountains, take national heroes to their target so they can strike the enemy. Survival of our nation is how much fast and speedy service of army jeep and military truck is provided by our special ops driver, roads are uneven, sloppy, harsh, terrain is off-road, steep heights, people who like racing will definitely love it, vertigo heights are just a challenge here is real world of non stop army action. so what are you waiting for hop in and stop feud, war can happen anywhere like Canada, Berlin , Miami name any place, so expert driver are those who deliver best driving experience in hard conditions, and operate these Micro and Macro Machines in perfect style.
So hop in guyz & gals this is club for driving awesome trucks, dont go for the trump card drivers go for real gentleman who knows their stuff

** How to Play Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive :
*Select your vehicle from the selection menu
*Controls are very simple and intuitive
*Race, Break, left & right with addition of mini-map to help navigate the way

** Features of Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive :
* War Truck & Jeep
* Truck with a perfect brand of army
* war sounds and effects
* An Off-road Battle Environment
* Different Views & Angles
* Secret troops Transport
* Large City Maps
* Real-time destruction and damage
* Simple and easy controls to play
* FREE download , Have Fun
* No WiFi No Problem!
* Recycle & Go Green
* Free Play Racing Game * Contain Ads *...
Mountain Bike Rider - Freestyle BMX Hill Climber
Mountain Bike Rider - Freestyle BMX Hill Climber

A Mountain Bicycle Adventure in twisted Mountain Road.

Buckle Up, Mount Mountain Bike, kick the paddles, push forward to take the dodgy roads & hill tracks. This is a new Simulation of Cycle Game in which you will have to cycle across country side, across hills & mountains race with traffic this offroad BMX bicycle is awesome ride in these terrains.

A freestyle bicycle steer with pedal and control with handlebars, as a bicycle rider you exercise and train at the same time as you travel, its a perfect cycle simulation a pro cycle model with various colors to control and cycle in offroad hill area, so you will be a freestyle pro cyclist & a hill climber. This little two wheeler monster can perform stunts in freestyle jumping while bicycling, so ride this crazy bicycle and do mountain bike wheeling on dirt road.

Cycling is a sport full of energy, consistency & speed. get the taste of professional bicycle compositions & bicycle race in this bike simulation, this winter try out this cycle even in snow it will work like a charm, it will take you to an adventure land of hill climb hero like feeling a realistic cycle experience which will make your nerves strong & a fun way to see how mountain edge cycling works, its a touch grind like simulator with speed cycling & freestyle stunts.

This Bicycle game offers off-road racing drive your cycle on hill road to smash the track its one of the best offroading game you will come across so pedal your cycle become a hero road rider. its better then offroad driving and racing, bicycle riders have their own charm & in this game bicycle race on hills is just a great match.There are several categories of bicycle racing including road bicycle racing, time trialling, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, and cycle speedway. Non-racing cycling sports include artistic cycling, cycle polo, freestyle BMX and mountain bike trials. Bicycle races are popular all over the world, especially in Europe. The countries most devoted to bicycle racing include Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Other countries with international standing include Australia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A perfect near to real life bicycle simulations on a autumn hill track awaits you.

Mountain Bicycle Rider 2017 - Game Features:
- A real Life Cycle Simulation
- Perfect & Realistic Bicycle Controls
- Day & Night Mode
- Obstacles to avoid
- Smooth Controls
- Breath taking & Stunning Hill Mountain Environment
- Free Play Game

Disclaimer: Fun is uncontrollable, Cycle on your own risk....
Ambulance Simulator- Rescue Drive In City
Ambulance Simulator- Rescue Drive In City

Ambulance Rescue Game in 2017!!

Provide Rescue Service in City & Mountains As well. Save People's Lives by transporting them to Hospital!

A 3D Simulator of Rescue Ambulance, Drive Fast Ambulance, Reach on Accident Site within time person Rescue Operations & your duty as Ambulance Rescue Drive. 2017 is upon us and like new year we must polish our driving skills more and specially when you are working for the health of common city people. Paramedic Duty is necessary for any city & country, An Ambulance is a crucial part of any Medical Facilities. Doctors will perform their duty but patient needs to be at the hospital fast enough, because doctors cant perform surgery on road or highway, doctors cannot rescue a man from lake but gives medication or mouth to mouth and all this is possible by ambulances, Rescue Ambulances are compulsory and their drivers should be very well trained and experienced, here in this game Ambulance Rescue Driver is being simulated, like many other Rescue Simulators this game will enhance your paramedic Ambulance Driving Skills to next level.
The world needs our help and it's our duty to help them in the time of their need. So if you want to be a savoir then get yourself ready to become an Ambulance Rescue Driver. The city is filled with injured people and you're the only one who can provide them with safety and save them on time. So turn on the sirens and push the throttle hard to reach the injured and get them to safety. On this rescue voyage be careful as the curve and sharp turns of the city can be life threatening so drive carefully but quickly. Ambulance Rescue driver is filled with different location wise exciting missions which includes first AID missions, on-spot and on time emergency services and doctors assistance.

Driving your Ambulance on dangerous hill tops away from the city can be a whole new experience. Enjoy the hilly area rescue missions with mesmerizing 3D environment. Provide fast rescue services and first AID treatment. Nothing is more important than saving a humans life so go and start your survival journey.

Ambulance Rescue Driver includes:

- Addictive and User-friendly game-play
- Mesmerizing 3D City and Hillly Environment
- Simple simulator controls for users ease
- Modern day Ambulance with realistic graphics
- City and Hilly area missions
- Enjoy FREE ROAM in your ambulance anywhere in the city or on the hills

Master your driving skills by providing your rescue services within city or in most dangerous hilly areas by becoming the ultimate survivor....
Bobbing Ninja Head Football
Bobbing Ninja Head Football

Bobbing Ninja Head Soccer brings for you a chance to play header soccer ball in the most fun way possible. Simply put, you are a ninja and when you’re not busy fulfilling your ninja duties, you enjoy your time playing soccer. You have to place yourself such that you can hit a header. Be careful though! If you let the ball drop, you are done. Game Over :( You can keep changing your place according to the direction of the soccer ball through the three given controls: up, left and right. “Up’ make you jump upwards so you can hit the soccer ball higher, ‘“ left” takes you to the left side of the screen and “right” to the right side of the screen....